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I don't know when it started, but I can't remember a time when I didn't see the glow around people.

It was mainly people when I was younger but now I'm starting to understand it I can control it a bit better. If I focus hard enough I can see the aura (that's what I think it is) of someone who is stood still, but not if they are moving. I often practice on adults and some teenagers but the glow around them is always yellow. When I look at my own, its usually purple/pink (when looking at my own I use a piece of blank paper or something else white).

Also, for a few years (my strongest memory is from about 4 years ago) I've been seeing some kind of shapes on places like paths, carpets, websites. It's hard to explain but its like the same kind of glow but waving in different directions and when I keep focused it starts forming something, letters or faces (the outline of the face). The memory I have the strongest is when I was looking and focusing on the carpet in one of the classrooms, eventually I saw the outline of a face that scared me.

More recently, I've seen letters that sometimes don't make sense, but If I can hold my focus long enough the letters spell out my name. It's always a kind of bubble font and when I'm focusing on trying to understand what I can see I also can see things dashing in front of my eyes. They're kind of black shapes, sometimes dots or ovals but when I try to chase them with my focus they just run away.

(I don't know if the thing about my name is linked to the last paragraph here: "One of the things that has made me come to this site now is that I have now had two experiences of hearing my name being called out to me, very clearly, the second being this morning, but it seems to be always as I wake up. I thought it was someone at home and when I asked they said that none of them had called me... I remembering answering them, but that is it and that has happened twice and I'm starting to wonder if it means something.")

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dreamer13099 (5 stories) (40 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-26)
Hi! It is very common to see the human aura. The aura itself is a persons energy. I myself can see auras as well. When I was younger, I used to see a bunch of colors flowing around in my bedroom at night. They were usually purple or green but have been other colors. The colors used to make faces and spell things too. I have heard my name called a few times as well. You most likely have a strong connection with energy, as I. My advice is that if something is reaching out to you, you should reach too and maybe you can meet halfway:) Don't give up hope! Trust me, you are not alone:) Good Luck and tell me how it goes!

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