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Experiencing Paranormal Activity


First of all, please bear with me as English isn't my first language.

Lately I'm experiencing some paranormal activity which I can't explain.

It all started 2/3 weeks ago when I started to meditate on a regular basis (2 times a day).

The reason that I started to meditate is to reduce stress,

As an HSP-person I get over stimulated and this drains me, both physical as mental.

In these past weeks the following things has occurred which I took note off:

-Saw a shadow person; on a evening when I was cycling on my bike I saw an dark figure standing in the corner of the road. When I quickly turned my head to focus on the thing it just vanish.

-Streetlight's turning on and off when passing underneath it; on that same night when passed between different street lights on different streets, 2 of them turned on and off when passing by. I tried to debunk this by cycling past them on different times thinking it was a light sensor but nothing happened.

Feeling of being touched by my hair when laying in bed; like someone is upward stroking with the nail side of the hand.

-Feeling a presence; when laying in bed I sometimes get the feeling that something or somebody is standing near me in my room. When it happened my hart starts pounding harder and I 'feel' that something is out there.

-Hearing a presence; I hear noticeable footsteps and noise coming down the stairs and walls but no one is there. We live in an small house and am just a few meters/feet away from the main hall. My sister sleeps upstairs so when she goes to the toilet I can hear it. But to this day 3 strange thing's has happened:

Knocking on the wall, sound coming down the stairs (like someone using the stair banister), sound coming down the stairs but this time loud footsteps (like someone doesn't lift up his feet when walking scary!)

These things all happen between 1-3 am midnight. I tried to debunk this by asking my sister if she was awake at those moments and went downstairs but she said she was sleeping. Also my parents didn't notice a thing.

-Waking up between 2-3 am in morning; this one is quite irritating. It always take my awhile to get to sleep. For a week now I get up in the midnight for no reason!

Besides the things listed above I frequently have lucid dreams and sometimes obe's.

As an 8/9-year old child I also recall sawing an entity/ghost beside my bed. It was an dark figure shaped woman floating in the corner and looking down on me. After that experience I blocked my sensing ability but now it seems to all come back?

So my questions are: what does these occurrences all mean? Am I opening myself up to receive higher vibrations/ghosts? Is it normal to experience this all when being frequently new to meditating? Also, what would you guys advice to me if I want to further develop this sensing ability? I think I'm un-blocking my gift after all these years and it feels like it belongs to me / is part of who I am.

Thank for reading my story. I hope my text is readable and I love to hear of you guys and your experiences!

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Feelr91 (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-28)
Thank you guy's for the comment's, I really appreciate it!

Dear destinyhope: I think you are right about being more in tune with myself plays a part in this situation. I'm convinced that the sensing and seeing of these strange occurrences are related to the fact that I'm changing as an person. The life changes that I'm going through right now
(different college, friends and job) Are doing me good.
I'm in the process of re-discovering myself by taking down my personal walls. By taking down these not needed walls in this case I'm more opener to receive higher energies.

Dear dreamer13099: Thank you for the tips you gave me. Since a few days I have a personal dream journal to keep track of my dream.
The day after my post on this website I came in contact with a ghost who I believe is my passed away neighbor. It maybe sound strange but she contacted me though a light click device. It's an device, hanging on the wall, you have to push in to have light on or off. The thing started going on and off rapidly when being near me, it also responded to my questions by flashing (1 time yes 2 for no). After that I thought it would be a good idea to capture something with my digital voice recorder. With success!, I captured an weak EVP answering 2 of my 4 questions. The voice said that it was responsible of making the noises on the stairs at midnight! Unbelievable. This changed my way of thinking about the dead and about the spirit world!
destinyhope (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-27)
There was an alignment of the planets that started on feb. 14 2013 and due to that I believe that energies are high. Everyone that is aware of their spiritual web, or not has been experiencing either intense manifestations or just weird supernatural things happening, and crazy emotions and vivid lucid dreams. The alignment will last for about a week more, if you are in tune with your energy and inner self you will notice things more. I believe, you can use this to your liking, if it doesn't make you uncomfortable, embrace it and try to communicate with the spirits. ❤ ❤ ❤ I am thinking, aside from the alignment it's your higher self trying to let you know things. And the truths differ from person to person, you have to look in side yourself and determine what they mean, it's nothing bad, I assure you. It's gift and you are alright. - Destiny Hope
dreamer13099 (5 stories) (40 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-25)
Hi I too can relate to some of your experiences. I myself have precognitive dreams and I hear and see spirits and shadows. It sounds to me like you might have a spirit in your home. I recently encountered a spirit in my room and I find it helpful if you just tell it to go away. I know it sounds pretty basic but it really helps. Make sure you are polite about it though. You don't want to make a spirit angry:) With what you said about lucid dreams, I find it helpful to keep a dream journal and write down all the things I dream about and, once I get some time, I can try to interpret them. Just remember this: You are not alone. Never give up hope:) I hope this helps! Tell me how it goes! Good Luck!

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