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Strong Deja Vu


I had considered that the deja vu experience was a psychic experience but I thought that it was the most light one, with less impact than seeing a gost or having a premonition.

Its been a while, since I had a paranormal experience.

But a week ago I realize that maybe I have experiences every night.

I was in a psychology congress on sunday a week ago, and there were selling books in a kyosco and I wanted to see the books so I walked across the university to the small gallery where they got all the shelves. When I started to explore and see what they were selling, a guy behind me told me something and when I turned back I had that strong feeling of a deja vu, it was so strong that I got dizzy, the feeling was like if I was in a dream, I felt like I didn't have body, so light. In that moment I remembered that I had had a dream that I was in the same place doing the same thing, is like if I was transported to the dream, it was really unrealistic. It was really vivid, the people talking around me, even I remembered a kid that was talking with us, the same weather, everything. But the dejavu didn't last long, it was really fast and when the guy walked away, that sensation disappeared.

That dream I had wasn't like normal dreams, that is why I remembered it, that kind of dream that you feel shocked when you wake up, one of those vivid dreams that you don't understand the meaning. This wasn't my first time with a deja vu but this one was the most intense I had had, maybe because the kind of dream was the shocking one.

Since that moment I started to write all the dreams I had it doesn't matter how weird and unrealistic it appears, maybe there could be a piece of the dream that could be part of the future.

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AmziMisa4 (21 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-30)
First of all, writing down your dreams is a very smart step. This will not only help you to remember your dreams more often and with more ease, but you will also be able to identify certain instances if they do happen to come true in the future. If this feeling of "deja vu" from a dream has happened several times, you could be what I've always referred to as a 'dreamseer' this basically means that you have premonitions while you're asleep in the form of dreams.

Now, these premonitions do not always have to be literal. Just because you dream of being chased by a pack of wolves does not mean that this will literally come to pass. The subconscious is a very tricky thing. If I were you, I would continue to write down your dreams and also try meditation in order to get more in touch with your abilities.

clarissajackson (4 stories) (14 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-27)
well yes I know deja vu is something you dreamed about and it comes true. But deja vu in the dreams can be vice versa. So was this a dream or you really was at the place and got a strange deja vu?

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