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The Man That Follows Me


Since I was 14 (19 now) a man I named Jack, will follow me places I mean everywhere. I don't even live in the house I first started seeing him anymore. He will stand with his back to me while I sleep, as if he is watching for something. He has never spoken to me. He is usually in black clothing that kind of look old fashioned. He has black hair and his eyes I can never remember what color I'm sure they are black. He is sickly white. He is muscular but thin and in probably his mid 20s. I am not scared of him he is actually quite nice to have around. But sometimes he becomes angry and I can feel it pouring out of him, that will worry me.

One day I was standing on my love seat writing on the white board behind it. And my left leg felt strange and I had the urge to look down, and there he was sitting on the love seat in the cushion next to me, he was just starring up at me. I just continued to right on the board and when it was time for me to go to the next cushion I said, "Please move Jack I have to write on that side." He got up took a few steps and disappeared. I was writing his description on the board so my dad and friends could tell me if they saw him. The only time I know of that some else saw him is when my dads friend came over. She says she pulled into the drive way, and saw some one standing in the door way of our house and thought it was my uncle and waved at him. She says he turned around closed the door without waving back, so she ran down there to see what was wrong. And no one was in the house we were all at the river. I asked what he looked like and it fight Jack's description perfectly.

He usually shows up when I'm walking by myself. And will walk with me. He sometimes disappears for a couple of months at a time. As of now I have not seen him for two months. As far as I know he is not a family member. I have many stories of him. What are your thoughts on him? Am I doing something wrong? Do you think he is bad to have around?

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Lyro (467 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-05)
Well, there are a few ways to look at this. If you don't feel anything negative from him, then he doesn't have to be anything bad. He could actually be there to protect you, keep you safe. Now there are such thing as shadows, and what shadows can do is create fear in someone, and then feed off it, but in your story he doesn't seem like that. Some spirits can just hang around because they like the energy of the one they're sticking around. Neither good nor bad really. Well, more good actually because think of it this way; If you like something, you would do anything to keep it. So if they like being around you, then they would do what they could to keep you safe. Having spirits around those that are psychic is more common than you think due to the energies we let off.
hksessio (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-03)
i turn around and there's a shadow and suddenly it disappears I am scared an dgetting dashavoo momuntes...

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