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Psychic Experiences In My New House


My husband and I had been on a hunt for a new place to call home for our family. We had a two year old boy and a brand new baby girl. I have always felt that I had an extra sense or strong intuition for spirits. I have looked at homes from a far and felt that they were dark so therefore had no interest in even going inside.

Finally we came across a beautiful home for rent, I loved it! It appeared to be perfect. We were not in the home long before I'd start to hear noises, My husband often dismissed them as normal noises you'd hear in any a house, blaming it on the heat registers or wind. My intuition kicked in and probably after one month (which I was surprised it took that long) I knew this house was not home for just our family. I would hear LOUD bangs And my children were asleep and my husband was gone out and I search for something that had fallen, but could never find anything. I would feel ice cold feelings graze my face and body just while sitting and watching tv alone, There would be no wind! At one late night feeding of my daughter I nodded off only to awake and see a figure in my living room doorway. Far from alone we were!

It started to get very strange when my two year old son would tell me he didn't want to go to bed because he was scared of the ghost. Eventually he would walk around the house talking to the ghost who he named "Bear". I finally had a talk with him to figure out what this spirit was, I asked him if it was a man like daddy or a woman like mommy and he said she was like mommy. I asked if she was young like him or older and he said older. I had no reason to not believe him but lots of cause to support his claim.

I didn't want my husband to think that I had gone crazy because he has never believed in ghosts or spirits, but I knew I had to tell him what I was feeling. Finally one day we got talking about the old home owner. I said that lady died in this house. He said Nooo way! I said no really, I'd bet anything. I can feel her, I hear her I've seen her! She died in this house and she's still here. He might have thought I was losing it but never said so.

Well we decided almost a year after moving in that this house was just too small for us and our family. A month before we were due to leave the house my neighbor started talking to my husband about us leaving and my husband asked what happened to the lady who use to live here, he asked if the house just got to much for her, did she move with family. He was answered with what I had known all along. The old homeowner had been an older woman, and she committed suicide in the room we used for our baby girl. I now feel like I know why our daughter didn't want to sleep in there, She cries almost every time I put her in that room, maybe she can feel the negative energy?

I always felt that I had good intuition for spirits, Now I know it. And I also believe my son is following in my footsteps. We are still in this home for one more month, Then I'll finally get to be the woman of the house! That role has long ago been taken in this home.

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RevSilverson (103 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-09)
i am guessing here that your question involves why you didn't sense the presence of this woman BEFORE you rented the house? And /or why baby talked and saw spirit woman?

This woman had a very similar energy frequeney as you do. That is why you didn't sense anything amiss. She had been a mother with mother cares and worries much like yourself and maybe there are even more similarities like astrological sign etc that covered up any vibrational differences.

Seems son is like mother with psychic abilities- this passes along gene lines. Although he may choose to avoid them later in life/ no sense in forcing him. If he wants to be like dad- he will turn them off as he gets older. That's okay mom. Don't worry. Don't force him. Let him be.

Love and light... Always
calvinvalerian (guest)
9 years ago (2013-04-04)
Yes icy breeze-like sensation. Hello madam, I would be really glad to help you out from your case. But since you might not be able to experience what I had experimented on, I would suggest you to just believe it because what I will tell you soon are field tested materials.

First, you have to understand that humans don't turn to ghost after they died. There will be an angel race coming for the deceased souls. The shadowy figures (that most of people call ghost) is another life form on earth but they belong to subtle realm. They don't belong to physical realm because they are plain invisible to human eye just like the angels. To see this angel race which is not really that difficult to watch, you might want to try to find cloud angels around the clouds. They are all in a form of huge white spotlight figure looking down the earth. Its total population? I can only say they are uncountable by eyes. Why? Because they populated the entire sky.

Well, I call what you call ghost, the jinn. Jinn is subtle creature living side by side with human. Jinn is similar like human; there is male and female, have family, love, they do eat&drink, sleep, have emotions and personalities. But only they eat&drink fragrance, 100x longer life-span than human, and they have magical power (shapeshift and perform cross realm manifestation).

The are only 2 types of aura temperature among jinn race:
Hot: Negative energy.
Cold: Positive energy.
Warm: Blend of hot and cold, that means two types of jinn's aura temperature is present in the area.
Jinn's aura temperature distinguish the good and the bad.

Each jinn has magic energy in their body and can only be measured by humans who are able to feel subtle vibrations around the hands or feet. The subtle vibration is ranging from weak to very strong. The stronger the magic power, the stronger the vibration you will feel. Subtle vibration indicates the magic power of jinn around you and also indicate their ability to communicate cross realm.

Since your family is not comfortable with the presence of jinn, how about I teach you a really simple trick to keep them at bay? But this will lead you to God.

Some people believed God never existed. I've experimented with that and turned out that God exist. How did I prove it? I ask my sister which also able to see certain level of angel realm to see my aura color when I say holy words. I tried to say holy words from 3 different religions, Christian (Hallelujah), Islam (Bismillahirrahmanirrahim), and Buddhist (Amitofo).

Islam and Buddhist made by aura turned to bright white light while Christian turned my aura to bright golden light. And the funny thing is when I intentionally change my thought to something else, my aura turned back into my base color which is emerald green. And as soon as I say a holy words, it turned bright white again.

Because my sister had ensured me that God do exist, I got out from being an atheist. And now I have a nice pair of white angel wings on my back. Though only some human will be able to see it.

From jinn's sight to the people who are protected by God's light, they will see the person's face dazzling like the sun. And this powerful light from their face have the ability to burn any jinn nearby who are away from God. They will never can stand the heat - they might die from it. But of course this will not happen to jinn who are in God's path because they themselves have this light on their face.

Now I want you to say as many times as possible from the three holy words I have written. Tell me the result in 2 days and if you can, watch your aura around your skin turns bright white or golden light.
It's not only in Indonesia, but also can happen in Canada which is at the opposite side of this planet. God sees and hears you. No lies. Give it a try.:)

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