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I recently decided to take up meditating again after not having done so in months. In the past, I would be able to slip into a deep meditative state in less than a minute. I'm surprised at how quickly I was able to slip into a meditative trance with such a large gap of "time..."

Now, I've always had a sense of "been there, done that," but not in a direct sense. More of a "I've lived before; Nature is my friend" type of sense. Animals trust me, and I've always felt a strong connection to them. Even in the park, squirrels will come up to me, and I've pet rats that adore me almost as much as I adore them.

I can picture the face of a beautiful girl in my mind. She has long, braided black hair and the beautiful skin tone of an Indian. I know nothing about her, except that she is me - she is one of my past lives.

When I meditated, I used clarity stones and incense in hopes of retrieving a memory of my past life. I felt a need to repeat the words, "Ma, Pa" and saw and felt myself lay my head onto my legs. There was a TV in the background, and I no longer understood what they were saying, but I recognized the language as English. I was overwhelmed with a sense of longing and voices, external voices, yelled at me in French. They shouted, What are you doing here?! Over and over, and eventually, I was overwhelmed and had to black them out. I do not speak/read/write/or understand French, and although I did not understand their words, I understood what they were saying. A male was yelling at me, and there was somebody else who stood next to him, most likely a female, but it felt more non-gender specific.

I immediately went to write about this experience in my journal, but instead of writing about it, a voice (this time internal) spoke to me in French and I no longer understood her words, but I wrote them down. Too quickly, as it's difficult to decipher the letters, making it difficult to translate with a dictionary. Add to that my inability to write French properly.

A rough, admittedly terrible, translation of it:

Ma, Pa, I am here. In manor, it is no Cato, two to tower. It is the parlour of evening of the demon who has the slope. And love is not here, but it is the scot of the evening, not of Raymond, my falsehood. Not of fair, but one of daydreams and of the black. But her parents are it, the mount. It is her of the demon, and you.

She must have been well-educated, studying Roman politics (Cato was a Roman political figure), literature, and the like. She comes from a wealthy family. Her affairs with love trouble her and causes familial difficulties. She is young, most likely in her late teens, possibly in her early twenties.

I'm not sure what to make of this.

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-12)
Saar8 - I once went to a place in the past. It was the Civil War. I am a southern female. In this place, I was a northern soldier. I was running and fell behind a bush. Hurt. Then I reached up in that place that the neck meets the shoulder and felt warmth. Blood. I had been shot. Then I felt sad. But things were getting blurry. There was no pain, at least from my view, but sadness and blurry. I saw family members and regretted leaving them. I wasn't quite sure if it was my mom and dad, equally, or a wife and child. I tried to figure it out, but was too tired. I even asked, "Who does he regret leaving? I'm confused..." But it just was fading. Then a second passed. Use to, I always knew when I was flying because I felt a strong wind. Now I just do it, I think, and I don't have that sensation. When I woke up, I was mumbling and the husband was awake. He said, "What?" I am really protective in real life of that stuff; I'm different here for some reason, and I told him that I was a dying Union soldier and mumbled a little. Then I dozed off to real sleep. But I remember it. The next day, he seemed a little odd around me. But, I couldn't help it in that state. I try not to say things. He once told me that I talked a lot in my sleep. Recently really. I didn't dare ask, but he acts a little odd around me.
saar8 (1 stories) (5 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-11)
That is what is so mysterious about visions--they come when we do not expect them. It's easy to provoke them though with everything from meditation to deep thinking. Or even reading. Sometimes I'll "zone off" while reading and although I continue on reading, it is interrupted by voices and visions. The best way to describe it is a trance.

Sometimes I wonder if we're supposed to see and know the things we do. In the end, though, we shouldn't fight the true nature of our perception and being. It doesn't always even out with the norms of society.
Flutterofwings (28 stories) (257 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-11)
When you try to hard, it seems things just slip on by. When you set it to the side and continue on with other things, then stuff becomes clearer. That happens to me with my visions. So hopefully it will help you as well.
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-10)
Ya, I wish I could tell you this and that, but I really don't like looking back into past lives. Even though a lady insist that I am holding something deep back in one of my far back past lives... Sometimes I don't like to settle with it haha... But I guess it all comes back, even if you try to ignore it :P
Just try to piece it together, walk away from it for a bit, then come back refreshed
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-10)
Saar - I wish that I could help. I have no intelligent comment to make except be patient and wait. Perhaps the meaning of it will become clearer to you. Perhaps someone wiser than I am can help you. I hope so. It sounds a little like you went somewhere that was off limits. Perhaps you should move on and meditate for something that you are suppose to see.

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