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Black Birds


First let me say that I am empathic and have precognitive dreams and feelings, but I had one of many dreams which were precognitive, this one stuck with me the most well the all stick with me but this one has stuck with me the most. What I can first remember is a series of images that really didn't make since until later won't go into detail because its not necessary but the last part and most vivid and memorable was like a third person view of myself most of my precog dreams are in third person me always looking at the event as if I was god sorry religious folks or better like and Observer from Fox's Fringe (Haha) but any way I'm watching my dream-myself stand on a second floor balcony looking at the scenery straight in front I could see Mountains with snow on the top in the near distance maybe 20 - 30 miles away a flat green field with light trees the sky had that yellowish-orange-reddish-pink color very vivid, to the left the sun was setting/rising couldn't really tell but I remember this because me the Observer could feel see and hear everything my dream-self could, and not sure which one but we each thought the opposite (rising/setting), then my dream-self noticed Black Birds (Crows/Ravens) filled the sky hundreds of them flew towards the rising/setting sun from right to left but two flew right toward me and set on the railing of the balcony not 1 foot away from me and at that moment my Observer and Dream-Self became one and I began to notice the Birds talking I couldn't make out what they were saying but I could feel/sense that the one on the right was angry/mad/upset and the one to the left was calm/nice/pleasant, when the stop talking to one another the one on the left look me dead in the eye and opened his beak and opened his wings as if to attack or something but the one to the left said not out loud but telepathically "No, not yet. It's not his time." And then he flew away as the hundreds of Black Birds began to fade away into the sun and the one on the right stayed for a moment looking at me in detestation as if I ruined something important to him. Now after having the dream maybe a 3 weeks later I was staying at a friends house after leaving a night club, I was sitting on his sofa just relaxing watching some movie, now this is where the other details come in to play, I began to revisit the dream right there on the sofa the images that at first didn't make sense suddenly did, then came a knock on the door my friend was half sleep and I was up, I thought 'wake him up' but didn't move or say anything, then another knock, though this time of saying 'who is it' didn't move or say anything again I just for some reason couldn't, my friend woke looked out the peephole didn't recognize the two guys at the door, the eventually left but my friend went over to the patio door (ground level apartment) looked out the sliding door but couldn't see, I knew he was going to turn on the light and I didn't want him too, but I couldn't get the words out or move, I just keep repeating it in my head, he hit the switch and I hear a car reverse and then came gun shots 8 or 10 right through the ground level patio, he jumped down on the floor crawling to the back room, I watched him all the way from the front to the back but I couldn't move, I wanted to because another friend of ours was in the back room sleep the whole time, but I couldn't move I was stuck in the same position ever since the first knock on the door.

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SinistaSag (2 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-21)
The crows were talking about me not my friend, but the one crow was right about it not being my time. I didn't mention it in the original post but I felt as if the two crows having the conversation were Death and an Angel. I believe they were actual higher beings, some people may say God, but what, whoever they were they wanted me to hear and see them.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-02)
So the crow told you it wasn' t his time and your friend almost got killed and the crow was correct.
Its weird but the way you describe the scenery in your dream is very similar to a dream I had. I don' t remember much of the talking in my dream but in my dream I am standing at the top of a high mountain looking down at a small town and all the lights were lite and it was sunset the sun was in the middle of its setting but I could see the stars and there were hundreds of black crows flying in the sky above the town and I remember there was one specific crow watching me and its eye seemed to be saying something to me but I don't know what.

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