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Woke Up With Death On My Mind And A New Friend Dies


Just for some background, I've always known that I have a gift that I do not try to harness. I don't believe it is that strong. I do remember that when I was about 6 my mother got a full astrological chart/reading for me and, within that reading, it said I would have clairvoyant abilities. There have been very few instances where it has come into play. My mother, on the other hand, is definitely a psychic and has even done paid readings for people. I believe my son has the gift as well and he has always said really freaky things from the moment he could talk. But getting back to me, I am writing because two weeks ago, I went to my hometown of Cocoa Beach to visit my mom and friends. On Sunday, we went surfing where my boyfriend's buddy and his girlfriend lived. I went out in the water and did my best surfing but it was rough and hard to paddle around in so I finally gave up and went in. As I approached the beach, I saw my boyfriend and his friend were not there but a pretty blonde girl was laying next to where I put my towel. At first I felt intimidated but then I was pleasantly surprised that she was actually very nice and cool and we hit it off immediately. We had a lot in common, both journalism degree majors with same type of work experience and both looking currently for the same line of work. I shared with her some job leads that I felt I was not qualified for.

Woke Up With Death On My Mind And A New Friend Dies

Flash forward to this past weekend, I went to bed on Saturday night and woke up in a panic a couple of hours later with the word DEATH in my head and I gasped for air and starting crying. I almost called my boyfriend to talk to him about everything I was feeling but didn't because it was so late. I went back to sleep. The next a.m. He called me and told me to my dismay Kim, the girl I had met two weeks ago, drowned on Saturday, at the same spot that I had met her. She had flatlined twice and was currently in a coma on life support. However, I still did not think about my "death flash" until tonight.

I fell asleep watching TV and woke up thinking "I need to find out what her updated condition is." I almost opened the computer but then was like "Maybe I will have a text from the boyfriend." Lo and behold I did, and it read: "She is not going to make it through the night. Her brain activity is at 0%." It was at that moment that I realized I felt a strong psychic connection to Kim and then immediately flashed back to Saturday night and remembered my awakening. In retrospect, I think I may have had a psychic moment, twice, in reference to Kim. I am also feeling a little creeped out about the fact that she died exactly where I had met her. It makes me feel like I'm the grim reaper or something. She was a very nice and cool girl, and only 39 years old. They think she may have had a seizure in the water and that's what made her drown. Rest in peace, my new friend.

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6 years ago (2017-11-03)
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