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Tornado Premonitions


Last week I had a really vivid dream. In my dream I was at college and it was 'assessment day' anyway everyone was handing their work in for the last assessment before summer. Everything was fine until I looked outside the window in college and there was a huge tornado, everything started to swirl violently people were flying everywhere being sucked in by this tornado, I was trying to save my friends but I couldn't, it got worse, the whole building was destroyed and people died. A few days after I had another dream which was quite similar, I was standing on a long road and I felt nothing but dread, the world started spinning around and I heard a loud noise, my consciousness caved in like a black hole... And in my dream I thought it was the end, that I was dead.

Anyway, I was watching the news this morning, the day of my assessment in college. And saw that a tornado had hit in Oklahoma. This really freaked me out, my heart started pounding. I've also had strange feelings of anxiety for 2 weeks before the tornado hit, anxiety about the weather, and thoughts like "anything could happen, a tornado could hit, the weather could become extreme and kill people" its been going over in my head quite a bit.

I''ve had other sorts of premonitions in dreams quite often, usually about fairly insignificant things that will happen in my life. Such as I had a dream my boyfriend told me he couldn't see me because he was too busy, (this never happens we always see each other) in the dream I was upset. I woke up a few hours later to hear the news, he couldn't see me because he had other things to do. Just little premonitions like that. I think of someone and they contact me on the very second I think of them, this seems to happen very often, nearly every other day, sometimes multiple times a day.

I worry I am going crazy - that's what my head tells me? But then my heart tells me I'm not. My grandmother has had many similar experiences to me. I'm confused.

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