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Vision Of 4 Hooded Figures


This is second time this has happened to me, I don't know why at the age of 44 I am experiencing this now. OK it happened about two weeks ago I went to bed and as I closed my eyes I felt a presence in the bedroom with me, I opened my eyes to see 4 purple robed figures walking up the side of my bed since then I have had the feeling of someone with me when I am going to sleep I know I shouldn't be scared but I can't bring myself to open my eyes again for fear of what I will see. The first time was about a year ago same thing just closed my eyes and felt someone was close to me I opened my eyes to see a small girl leaning over me about to stroke my face I got such a fright I pushed it to back of my mind until the second visit occurred does anyone know what this means or why it is happening now I would love some feed back on this. I have always felt that someone has been watching over me throughout my life and would love if I knew this to be true. I stayed at my friends at the weekend there I was ok on Saturday night but on Sunday night I couldn't sleep proper as every time I tried I had a feeling of someone or something being there with me. I was thinking of going to see a spiritualist to see if maybe someone was trying to get a message to me or if it's a warning of something about to happen in my life. Why 4 robed figures and not one and why were they wearing purple and most important why couldn't I see their faces, do I know them from when they were living. I would also love to know who the little girl was and why she was trying to touch my face is she someone I should know?

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Jakkpotts (1 posts)
5 years ago (2017-12-02)
When I was younger about 7 years old I also saw a purple hooded figure but it had a staff in its hand and it look like it had knots in the wood of the staff I could not see the hands or the face but it told me about things that we're going to happen in the future and it literally said doomsday I could not find that in the Bible anywhere but at that point in time as a child I had no idea what doomsday was it also told me I was special and it gave me a date I'm not sure exactly what the date was but I have a feeling it was doomsday if not the end of the world when things as we know it will change if anyone else has anything please contact me but I know in my heart it was not evil because I have felt Angels before and when the creature or being was talking to me I felt completely comfortable a presence of soft Warmness and I had no fear whatsoever if any of you have had an experience like this please contact me or reply thank you very much Christopher killgo
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-14)
I had a similar experience except it was one hooded figure and he/she was in a brown hooded cloak, I also could not see a face. I felt it was a warning but it was also pretty much the beginning of a very long journey to get to understanding higher consciousness. Or at least it forced me to be open to it because I knew I saw what I saw and that I wasn't crazy and the things that came along with it afterwards were very real.

I have heard that seeing a cloaked figure has some significance and can be the start of this journey but there is virtually no accounts of it so I would love to know more from anyone who has also seen hooded cloaked figures.

Purple has much significance, research the colour purple, it can mean third eye open as well because that is the chakra it relates too. Relates to royalty and a high vibration - don't let it go to your head though, I think most of it is going to be about your higher self, or where you are at with it. Think in those terms not in material humanistic terms.

Hope that helped a wee bit:)
RevSilverson (103 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-13)
it sounds like at some time there was a coven of pagans who performed rituals in this space. It is interesting that these incidents are occurring at the same time of year. Purple is not a color often used by satanists- that's why I believe they are witches. Also shadow beings are usually black or grey in color but not always so.

They might have opened a portal and not closed it. The number 4 equates to earth, air, fire and water the 4 elements of the universe. Also north,south,east and west are the 4 cardinal points of the earth. These beings may have worshipped together then died then reunited in death and returned to this spot. The little girl seems to be a by-product of the open portal.

In most cases we all do have spirits who watch over us in life- most of us have several that change as we age and experience new things. But I don't sense this as being part of what is happening at this time. Do some research on the house/space and see if anything has happened in the house/space. Also if the space is near water you will have more activity as spirit energy responds better to water making the energy stronger and attractive to psychic energy.

If you are fearful of these beings ask them to go away or find a banishing ritual to get them to go then make sure you have a psychic shield (look online to find one that appeals to you) to protect you from any negative energy they might create.

Your fear is your worst enemy. Try to realize these beings are trapped here. It is sad for them. How would you like it? A shaman can help you release them so they can live again in the Light of Love.

Love and Light... Always

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