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Do You Feel It Too? Strange Life And My Theory


This story is going to be kind of long, but I hope you take the time to read it. Because I really need help.

Well I guess ill start by saying I believe me and my sisters have powers, or abilites or what not. I also think they are inherited, I think that both my parents have gifts. My mom thinks shes a which but I don't know if she is. Shes pretty crazy, but she does see and hear ghosts, and always has. I don't mean to sound nuts but I think my dad was an angel or had some angel blood in him. He was so in touch with nature and had a higher awarness than most. He also said that god talked to him, people though he was crazy but I believe him. He knew so much from the bible but never went to church. He loved animals and always helped people. I think he also had the gift of premonition, or pregocnition whichever. He described it as he could see the writings on the wall. Just in general if he gave me advice he was always right, if he bought a scratch ticket which wasn't often unless it called to him, he would win. Both of my parents have strange dreams that usually have some meaning.

Since both my parents have some gifts, I think me and my sisters have even more. My youngest sister can see auras, and she said that she thinks I have a clear aura... Aka the chameleon aura. Now I'm going to go off on a side tangent and tell my theory... Well for some reason the word chameleon has been popping up every where for me. So I found out that the clear aura is also the chameleon aura. Then I notice that my eyes change color, and I can change them by will... So I do some research and find out that people call it chameleon eyes... Then I'm will my sister at barnes and noble (now I used to love reading, but really haven't in about a year) this book just calls out to me so I got it, it was the most amazing book. I was entranced and read the whole series in less than a week. Come to find out the main character is a chameleon. A chameleon is basically a supernatural being with the powers and DNA of multiple supernaturals. So why with all the chameleon talk, is it a sign I don't know, but I have always felt special and not so human and my dad always told me that I would save/change the world.

Now back to the main story, when I was young I could see ghosts alot. Some main incidents that stick out are one time I woke up and saw a floating head of a bold guy with his feet and hands next to him, like he was chopped up. You can imagine how disturbing that was for a child. Another time I was waiting for the bus and saw feet walking down the driveway and thought it was my grandmas boyfriend, so I ran to say hi but no one was there. The most frighting of all my experiences with the paranormal was seeing my younger sister who is alive. I was about 7 years old and I woke up for some reason and looked at the vcr for the time, it was like 1:36 (for some reason I have a great memory like if I'm remebering something I can almost go back to that time) anyways after I look at the time I look straight ahead and there is my sister, but I was scared of her and she smiled at me and waved for me to come to her I shook my head no and after a few minutes she disappeared. I look down at the end of the couch I was sleeping on and my sister was there, I was so freaked I layed next to her. Also after my cats passed away I would see them sometimes. I was constantly plauged by a recurring nightmare about zomies and their leader was the grim reaper. I was probably 4 when these dreams started so I hadnt been watching any horror movies, the dreams stopped after about 2 years.

As I got older I was scared of ghosts and I think I blocked them unconsiously because I don't see them anymore but I can usually feel if they are around me. But I do see whit flashes out of the corner of my eyes a lot. I have had some instances where I believe I have changed the weather, for example I was in the car with my family and my friend, ill call her S. Well it was gray and raining, so me and S start sining that childrens song "oh mister sun" and after about 8 verses the sun came out. And there have been times I was alone and focused on the wind and it started to get windy. I can't say for sure if I acctually did anything but I feel that I did. Another strange phenomenon is that S and I make street lamps go off (I read that crystal auras, or star children make this happen) There was one time around 2 in the morning and we made like 5 go out in a row.

Recently I have been having very strange dreams, different from any I have ever had before. And white moths have been following me and surrounding my house. Also me and my youngest sister (the one who can see auras) have experienced super hearing, it has only happened once to us both and came out of no where. For her she was coming to see me and it was raining, she said all of a sudden she could hear all the tvs in the houses and hear people talking. For me I was sitting in the car with the windows up, and my boyfriend was in the convienent store, all of a sudden I could hear him talking to the store clerk! And I could hear a man walking down the street plain as day. To test it out, I tried to yell to my boyfriend with all the windows up while he was infront of the car and he couldn't hear me, but he saw me so he tried to say something back but I could barley hear him.

This story is long enough so ill end it here, this is not all that has happened to me but ill post another story for the rest. So to sum it up, this is my theory I believe that I am either a chameleon or something like it. Basically I think that I could have abilites from the mythelogical creatures, super hearing, strength, speed. I also believe that I could be a shapeshifter. I don't have proof but deep down I just have a feeling. I have always pretended to be animals, would copy there noises. I'm not saying I'm a vampire or like anything from a book, I think all people could posses these ablilites. I also believe that certain people like us (people who feel the changes and the calling) are waking up to our powers or getting more abilites due to the battle or something big that is coming. Please comment if you feel this way or can help me in any way. I'm looking to enhance/open up the rest of my abilites.

So far my main abilites I know I have are

-seeing/feeling ghosts

-sensing people (like just knowing there coming)

-calling people to me (works best with my youngest sister)

-feeling peoples emotions (even more so if I'm close to them)

Also just tonight I heard someone whisper my name when I'm all alone.

Please help me!

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ShadowFallsXO (4 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2014-03-13)
RJeffrey...can you tell me more about the chameleon things that have to do with you?
wat123 (41 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-20)
I do know that psychic ability's are becoming better now that it's more accepted because it's pretty clear what happened to all the psychics in the middle ages. It is also pretty much common knowledge that psychic powers tend to linger in the children too especially if both the parents have it, it can be ok if it isn't too much. Growing your ability's mostly is supposed to happen during your teenage/child years after that it tends to lower unfortunately so just enjoy your gift unless it becomes aggresive in this case you may want to back away from it a bit, it is of course the danger of the supernatural to which some people are open to. Normal people have no idea of it sometimes so it can be hard but I'm sure you'll be okay since you have a family that has knowledge about it.
RJeffrey (5 stories) (25 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-20)
That chameleon stuff you speak about- I'm keeping this short - I experience very similar things like your experiences concerning that too. I'm still learning though.
ShadowFallsXO (4 stories) (22 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-05)
Thanks so much alinebetween. I have been doing a lot of research, and this woman dooreen virtue (probably didn't spell that right) has been writing books about incarnated angels and others like them. She has listed signs that go along with each category. I got all of them in the incarnated angel, most in the elemental, star person and wise ones. There are also souls called otherkins, and some are shape shifters or the souls of animals, specifically the wolf, horse, and tiger. I believe this is why I think of the word chameleon, because I am a mix of many things! I am trying to be patient with the developing of my powers but its hard because everyone thinks I'm crazy, and I know I have a lot of untapped potential. I wish I had a teacher or something to help me.
allinbetween (56 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-05)
Hi there:) You're obviously someone who's on the path of developing their powers. If your heart pulls you in that direction, you'll find the information you seek. Every person has his/her own path, so just follow your intuition and develop at your own rhythm.:)

The fact that "chameleon" keeps coming to you, could be due to Synchronicity. You can look that up. It's like the energy of "right timing", something that happens just when you need it. It could be finding a book, meeting a person, anything. Synchronicity isn't a personal power it functions on its own. Some people write it off as mere coincidence. But those who believe in synchronicity are aware that something external provides guidance and help at the right time.

About the ghost sightings when you were young. When we are children our logical brain is not developed yet. (In fact it won't be fully developed until we reach about 20). It's easier for kids to see spirits and ghosts precisely because they don't have the barriers of reason up yet. So they're more open to experience. Also a child's psyche is still very connected to its parents, so it has weaker boundaries. If your parents were open to such phenomenons you would be too as a kid. Unfortunately kids can get scared & sometimes the fear lives way beyond the event. That early fear can later become a reason to shut off your mind to encounters.

The ghost that looked like your sister was probably a spirit playing a trick on you.

Unfortunately I don't know about chameleons specifically. It sounds like super senses, or enhanced perceptions. Feeling people's emotions makes you an Empath. Sensing a spirit is harmless though it can startle you. You and your sister have obviously a strong mental bond it's why she hears your commands more easily.

I honestly don't believe there's a battle coming. I admit I'm not into prophecy theories so it affects my opinion. Psychic powers have been a taboo topic for a long time. The last 2 decades or so there has been an interest, primarily due to the entertainment industry. They created a market, so now all sorts of information can be massively sold. This increased tolerance helps people share their experiences, and maybe we'll all learn how to advance these skills. Not for a battle, but because they're inherent gifts of being human and our ignorance has kept them dormant for so long.

Take care and best of luck:) ❤

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