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Pinched by Ghosts


This happened last night, I was fast asleep but got woken up by a pinch. Next thing, the phone rings, my sister phoning our house phone for some reason. She thought we had robbers in the house when we hadn't. She ran into my parents room but I was in my own room in my bed. I had this feeling of someone touching me, but I didn't want to open my eyes. My parents started to run downstairs to have a look. My sister said to them she could hear a voice I think of a man. She thought it was my dad sleep talking or robbers.

When she hears voices, this isn't the only time she has, I always get something bad happening to me, not bad, I would say just something touching me always in my bedroom. I'm the only one who is psychic in the family. Its hard when you're on your own and no one can help. People want to help but they can't help.

Do you think what ever it was, was scared and came to me? I don't know if I should have open my eyes but I didn't. I see apparition ghosts but they never talk, just look like real humans and end up fading away in front of me or walking into solid things such as walls. The one's who touch me, I can hear or see. So which ghosts would they be. Intelligent ghosts?

They're always waking me up from a nightmare. When I wake up, its because I feel like I'm being watched or something touching me. I just need advice on why I nearly get woken up by them every night.

I read that if a psychic person walks through a graveyard, that their psychic abilities will improve and all come back. I'm scared of graveyards, I don't know what to do. I really need to help. I just want to know why they keep coming to me. Should I start going to church or should I meditate? If I meditate will it get clearer for me all this?

Thanks for reading


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