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Once in a while I feel this weird sensation it feels like I am being watched, like once I was getting something to drink and then I feel that sensation. It happens mostly at night around 11h so then I but the pillows over my head because I am scared and once when I was a child around six years old I was in my bed and the door across the hall was open and then small white shapes about three or four came out of the door I was so scared I covered my head and fell asleep. So even now I still sleep with the covers over my head. I don't know what to do! Can I have help?! I have told my parents and they think I read to many weird books and stuff and my family and I don't believe in god and not really in spirits but now I really don't know what is happening and it is really weir and I don't want to tell my friends or else they will think I am weird and you guys are having the same problems and if I do have a ability to perceive spirits and if they are real I would really like to learn how to control this ability because I always wanted to have "Powers" and it Will be really cool to have this ability and If I can have proof I can tell my parents about what is happening to me and tell my friends and I can finally not feel weird about this ability. And if I ever become some one important I can tell the world about spirits and how People who believe in them are not crazy or stupid and they are really here. And the spirits I perceive will they hurt me in any way or are they nice and will the protect me?

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A1600 (11 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-21)
I always have this feeling, like I'm being watched. I think that you should try to ignore what you are seeing as much as possible, and telling your friends and parents about it won't help you at all, I'm afraid. Don't think that you're alone though, I have this problem also. Hope that I helped.:)
LuuvMikiTakei (2 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-19)
Ahh I know exactly how this feels! Happens to me too. Because I can sense spirits around. Especially if they notice me.
I sleep the same way still honestly... Lol
But what I do, is that remember I am stronger, and do not wished to be bothered. (Since its sometimes in my house) I stay strong and say and give out an energy saying " I am in control, this is my home. I should be able to feel as if nothing is to harm me or my family. I have my guardian behind me. I am not to be messed with"

Truth is, I am a bit scared. But I just always keep in mind that I am the boss of my life and do not need any bad energy/spirits to mess it up or scare me. But that's only if its bothering me or if it just doesn't belong around.

If its a family member visiting, I would know. But other than that, almost any other spirit is just as any other person I don't know- A stranger.

At times I get a little too scared inside due to past experience in my home. During a period in 7th grade a not so nice energy hanged around to bother me and scare me. It would throw small things to floor, even shot a soda cap to my face once, scared the sh! T outa me, I went to my parents room after lol
Saw it once. I was frozen in shock and fear cause during the time I tried not to believe in this stuff. I never told my family about it until my gramps brought up a few weeks later that hes seen the thing I saw. Thats when I told them. Grandma asked me why I haven't told them, I said I never wanted to talk about it. Later that day my grandma said some prayers and put holy water around the house (very religious). It did stop it from bothering me for a while. But later came back. My aunts told me in times like these you must stay strong and show whos boss and tell it to leave. So I tried, and also asked help from a spirit. A good one. I feel like its a He, and he did help. And he is always around too. He makes me feel safer. Hes probably my protective spirit guide or family member I've haven't actually met. Maybe my spirit guide? Not sure. But he's there for me.

Hmm probably got a little of topic. But just take my advice from my experience if it bothers you.

And still, As I said before. I still cover myself at night lol even if its hot... Lol

Email me if you ever want to chat or have questions about my experiences!
estycat35 (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-18)
Hi. First off, I always have that same feeling and have had similar experiences. I would advise you to not tell your friends or parents about it anymore because some people cannot accept certain things like this. Trust me, I have had to learn the hard way. Secondly, some spirits are good and some are bad. Do you feel like the spirit is sending a good vibe or a bad one? The feeling of fear can tell you that the spirit is not good. So I advise you to ignore them as much as possible if they are bad because they want to harm you or other things. I have had a lot of past with spirits and I have learned a lot and regret some things as well and if you want to know more you can email me at tallerthanyou3 [at] Trust me I know how you feel and you are not alone. Email me 😊 because I think I can help you.:)

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