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Felt Like I Was Being Watched


Ever since I was little I felt like I was being watched, I would tell my mom All the time. I felt as if someone was looking through my window or standing over my bed but I could never see anyone there. When I was 11 I had a dream that my dog turned into an angel and started flying around my backyard. Before I went to camp I told my mom and kissed my dog goodbye. Later when I got picked up from camp my mom told me that he had passed away that afternoon.

Everything was normal until Last year, not only do I feel like I am being watched but I feel as if people are in my room yet no one is there. I feel pressure in my abdomen too.

I'll feel something poke me in the center of my back or brush my arm. But the strangest thing is I could only feel things behind me.

My experiences have been multiplied since my grandpa died.

I could hear his voice say certain things but Ik the back of my head. As if I'm thinking it but in his voice. My mom has been struggling a lot with his passing and last night I was upset. I was saying "grandpa I just want to hug you again" I felt the strangest feeling in my Hand. It was tingling like energy was spreading through it. I had a dream that night that he was standing in front of my house he hugged me and said "I have to go so see your mom now" he looked much younger too.

I don't know if I'm imagining it or if these things are actually happening.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

I'm only 15, and as I get older more extreme

Things happen, if this has happened to you as a teenager has it amplified as you grew?

Thank you.

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