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This is long story, so here goes...

I have known my fiance for over three years. During this time, she's had a habit of talking in her sleep. I first noticed it a few days after we started to date. I thought she was having a bad dream. The dream was always the same. It would start out good. Something like, "I'm so happy I found you...". It would immediately turn into "You're leaving me? NO!"

She came from an abusive relationship. I won't get into this at this point.

As time went on, her tone would change. Whatever the crisis of the day was, the talking would focus on that. But, if I woke her, she would always tell me that the dream she was having wasn't what she was talking about.

One day, I woke up to get ready for work. I turned on the light to the bathroom. She turned over and told me to turn it off. I turned around and looked at her, completely stunned. She was still asleep when she said it.

As time went on, she began to speak to me at night. The subjects tended to be dreary and sad ones. Fears about our relationship, fears about her ex-husband, etc. I would speak quietly to her about them, and she would respond in kind.

At some point, I stopped speaking and merely thought the answers. Without skipping a beat, the conversation went on. Whatever she said, I would continue the conversation in my head. I could have an actual conversation with her by simply thinking my responses.

This has been going on for about a year. Most of the time, the conversations focus on incredibly bad topics. Some of them have been wide ranging. I have been told that she has secret cameras throughout the house, that there are burglars in the house, that I was too far and should lose weight.

One time, I awoke to this: "hold on... Wait for it... 3...2... 1... Now!". I heard a loud bang in the other room. It was the rocking chair hitting the back wall as one of our cats jumped off of it. Completely shocked, I said, "you can read cat's minds too...?" To which she replied, "Don't be stupid... It's a cat!"

Recently, she has started to claim that demons are in the house. We've watched our share of horror movies, so I've tried to take it with a grain of salt. But the stories get incredibly intense. She told me that the demons were outside the room, then in the room, then over my bed. I was, quite understandably, scared out of my mind. I turned the light on and yelled at her to stop. She turned over, and spoke slowly - "I need your sacrifice in order to open the portal to hell. You are the first and we must die in order to end the world."

Also understandably, this was incredibly silly and I got a little frustrated with the television-like nonsense.

One time, I awoke to a pillow being smashed on my head. As I regained consciousness, I saw her lie back to and begin to sleep-talk to me again. She has also kicked me awake or yelled until I awoke.

I am curious to find out if anyone else has experienced such things. When this first started to happen, I was incredibly excited. As time has gone on, I'm a little scared to go to bed. If she has fallen asleep before I have, I often have to shut the door and sleep on the couch, as I'll never sleep if she talks to me when I lie down.

I have spoken to her about these things in depth. She knows what's going on. I have tried to tell myself that it's not real, but I cannot seem to convince myself. Even if I was imagining it, the conversations are too real and her responses too appropriate to ignore.


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yugen (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-04)
Interesting that you speak about therapy, as she has been attending therapy for quite a while and has, I believe and the therapist believes, seen very strong improvement. Before this behavior began, we tended to have a lot of arguments. Now, we have the occasional disagreement, but it's civil and nowhere near a fight. I am quite thankful for the help she has gained and very thankful for the therapist. I also feel that our relationship has never been stronger at this point in time. She is very open and honest with me at all time, and during normal conversations, she tells me this as well. She is a horrible liar, so I believe her when she says it.

The horror films have pretty much stopped as well. We hit a particularly bad one that we couldn't get past, and so we haven't seen one in quite a while.

Also, I didn't mean to be completely gloomy with the situation. Sometimes it's rather entertaining conversation. Albeit and a really bad time. We talk about this behavior on a regular basis, so she hears what I experience. She's offered to sleep in another room at night, but I don't accept that. I can't help but feel like this can be controlled.

We've also attempted to test this during the day. We played a few rounds of "guess which card I'm holding up". I would pick a card and think about it strongly in my head. A few times she hit it exactly. About a quarter of the time, she was either off by a single number (correct suit), or correct number with the wrong suit. 50% she was off slightly more, but either got the suit right or the number very close. And, the rest of the time, she was way off. Odds makers would put that into the strongly telepathic category, if I'm not wrong.

This begs the question - why does one area of her life see huge improvement while the talking gets worse?

Also out of pure curiosity - is she reading my mind and responding to it, or am I so strongly projecting my thoughts that it's like a wave of emotions in her head? I've entered the most stressful time in my own life regarding my job. We're trying very hard to buy a house. Money is a constant stressor, and on and on. I work a ton of hours and am constantly stressed about various issues.

As fascinated as I am with this phenomenon, I would gladly throw it all away for peace. How can one put a stop to this? Do I try to find ways to clear my head of thoughts? Do we concentrate on something else with her? Am I even barking up the right tree?

Thanks again for posting and reading my story.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-09-04)
Any sane person would want help with this kind of activity going on.

First, I've written about this on both this webisite, the spiritual website, and on my astral projection webpage, which is, we can and do communicate telepathically when we sleep. I too dated a sleep talker and would amuse myself by talking to him in my mind (I was fully awake), and listen to his response. Unlike you though, it never got to this level of dysfunction.

I watch lots of scary movies too and don't do this. Her insecurity about the relationship (this is pure fear) can and very well may have attracted low level beings. If she's so obsessed with the failure of the present and the failures of the past, she's a magnet for the unwanted and creating her own outcome.

No matter how we want to face this, people who were or are in abusive relationships are because that is what they attract on some level and I don't just mean through stupidity but through needing a specific life lesson or living a pattern. Now while she's not in an abusive one with you, she's still attracting "abusive" forms to her in the form of entities (it doesn't matter what you call them), potential burglars, etc. And because she's not getting to the root of her emotional issues, this will continue.

So the question to you then becomes, do you want to stay in a relationship where this will be part of your life, in one form or another? Will she consider counseling? And for goodness sake, she's the last person who should be watching horror films. She is not balanced and mentally healthy enough for such things without inviting this kind of outcome.

Every one of us, whether we like it or not, manifest our reality. We attract those into our lives that push us into growth (or backwards) or keep us in our own mental trap. What she's doing for you is yet to be seen, but from what I'm reading this is getting worse not better. What next? Waking up to a knife? No one can tell you what to do but some food for thought is asking her if she'll seek therapy. If she won't, it might be a good time for a soulful re-evaluation of our choice of life partners. How your living now is on the verge of being out of your control and if you're sleeping on the couch before you've even tied the knot, it's good you're taking notice. And speaking of horror movies, this relationship you're in is starting to resemble one. But like real horror, it sneaks up on us. We dismiss obvious things to the viewer until one day (or the climactic scene of the movie), someone gets hurt, or worse.

I do wish you the best on this one. If you want to keep us posted, I know I personally would be very interested to see how this unfolds.

Thanks so much for sharing.

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