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The London Ghost


This was a psychic experience which took place in London, England. To inaugurate the story,'I want to state that I reside in the United States and we (me/my family) were in London, England for visiting the place in my Summer Vacations. At that time we were living in a hotel in London. I would not like to mention the name of the hotel, but we had heard rumors for it being haunted. At first we thought that it was just a mythical belief, but then something very unusual and a little bitter took place.

Being a perfectly normal human being, I have an ability to communicate with the spirits/ghosts. A plenty of times I have asked many elders about the thing I mentioned in the previous sentence, but they just said that it was natural. Something doesn't make me believe that, are they hiding something, or it's an unusual truth. Anyways, let's move on the topic we are discussing on.

Apparently on the 27th of August 2013 at 11:30 pm, that's exact, I went out to discover the hotel. The hotel was a mighty building with huge rooms in it. As I reached out of the corridor, I saw another enormous room. But this one was an extraordinarily huge room but with a door not as big as a small cottage's entrance door. It read "Ballroom" on the door. I thought it would be locked, but still no harm in trying.

As I turned the knob, It opened very easily. Usually, all the important rooms are locked. I thought that they forgot to lock this one. But who knows what the hell was inside. So I pushed the door and it swung open. Oh my God. What a room it was. It was awfully dark and deathly still inside. Without any fear or knowing what was going to happen next, I silently walked inside the enormous room. Just as I stepped in, the door closed all by itself. I considered it as the wind even knowing that the windows were closed.

Here I would mention that my father was the ONLY one in knowledge about the rumors (at that time, now I know it). At that time I didn't know A-B regarding the hotel. So I was tip-toeing silently ahead. Then suddenly I heard some strange noises the direction of which I couldn't estimate. I remembered that I was alone in this huge, awfully dark room alone. I became very frightened.

I am usually never scared of ghosts but this one was some sort of over-spooky. Then I felt that someone had put a hand on my shoulder. I calmed and tried not to hesitate. I was turning my head round, ready to make a blood curdling scream after seeing a very scary face of a dead fellow. But as I turned around, nobody was there. I could still feel the hand on my shoulder but I wasn't able to see a single soul. It was completely dark. Suddenly I heard a voice saying, "come with me and I will take you to my world, The World of the Dead"... After hearing this, I shouted, "Who are you?!, show your face if you dare!". Right in front of me, I saw some wobbling in the air and a man appeared in front of me, with a scar on his cheeks. "What do you want?!", I shouted. "You", he replied. His voice was very mild kind of voice and wasn't even echoing in the huge ballroom, unlike mine.

"OK, I said, "But please don't spoil my Vacations". "Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, but remember me, I will come back...", he said, stretching every single vowel he spoke. Now I don't have any idea why this thing was after me and why did it say, "Remember me, I will come back...". Well, I got safely out of the ballroom right after a second passed when that thing was gone. I didn't kill him. I didn't even know him. I think that spirit was crazy.

Marking his words, "Remember me, I will come back", he isn't sighted by me yet. But I will inform you if it is sighted. Please inform me if you have any information on the spirit. If you are honest, and won't tell anybody, I would tell you the name of the hotel privately. Just send me an e-mail on Since then, I have been calling it, "The London Ghost". For further information please keep in touch with me and my stories.



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10 years ago (2013-09-24)
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