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Can The Future Haunt Me?


In the past my family has had quite a few psychic happenings. When my mom was pregnant for both my brother and me she talked to an extremely gifted professional psychic. The psychic had told her all about my brother and me before we were even born. Sure enough, she was right.

What my mom found quite interesting when she went to visit this psychic is that the woman told her that the spirits pick their parents. Apparently, my spirit had found my mom and had chosen her as my mother. This happened with my brother also.

Now, my mom has always had a gift for guessing the gender of a baby before it is born. She has guessed, correctly, for many of her friends who were pregnant, despite what the doctor had told them.

When I was younger, about 10 or so, I had a dream that I was in a bank and a little boy was standing near me and I had this feeling that he was my son. He shared characteristics with me but also with someone else (not sure who) but I just remember calling him over to where I was standing. I felt, when I woke up, that he was in fact my son, but I was 10 and that was impossible. Oddly enough, ever since that dream I have felt like he has been near me, always there and kind of helping me on my path. It seems weird and I was kind of nervous to tell anyone because saying you feel the spirit of your future son, well, you can imagine the looks I would get.

Anyway, I asked my mom just last night if she could guess the gender of my first child. I'm no where near pregnant and don't plan on it for a number of years. She of course said that I would have to be pregnant in order for her to guess but as she was saying it she then quickly changed her answer and told me flat out that I would have a boy first.

I was wondering if it is at all possible to have seen him in my dream, and to feel his presence so long before having children. I mean, I plan on having kids in about 10 years! I'm too young right now! If it is possible, why would he pick me so early and could he possible influence my path?

Kind of confused about everything.

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wat123 (41 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-20)
It is what you treat it to be. You could rebel and choose another path but if that dream was a peacefull one mayby it is showing you the way your future would be, if you stayed on this path of your life. It can be regarded as a gift but now you know this you can also change it if you want to, which is the difficult side about seeing the future.
I'm also just going to throw this in there since you said you might have chosen your mother as a spirit it could've been your previous life mayby something happened in that family, if they were still alive (mayby someone died) which allowed you to see it.

But since your mother said you were going to have a boy that abrupt it probably is going to be your future but no need to worry you have been given the chance to choose what you want.

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