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Karmic Lesson For Twin Flames


I am a 27 year old woman who has been trying to overcome what at first I thought was my path to my twin flame, but now I do not know!

It started with me having two or three dreams about a boy I've known since I was 7, I didn't take notice of the dreams at the time, it was of us travelling together on London transport heading towards a certain destination (this actually came true a year later)

6 months went by and I started to randomly bump into this boy, (now a man) on the first meeting as we are friendly terms I thought it was a coincidence but this happened four other times all in various places and events and not in our local area. (I would like to add although I have known him since I was little we have no friends in common and were not on any social media sites for him to know if I was going to be at these places)

All of the times I had bumped into him my heart felt like it was whole and my instincts always told me that he is the one. I always have an instinct that I'm going to see him and sometimes even his family members and it happens.

Eventually we started seeing each other but we have both had so many dramas around us, that we decided to try and stay away from each other but end up meeting again in random places again without ever communicating. I feel like we are in each others lives for a lesson of some kind. This has has now been going on for three years, I can literally feel him in my head (sounds crazy I know) I thought he might be my twin flame because when we are together it's like we can communicate with each other through our minds sometimes I will become emotional or angry for no reason and during these experiences he will be in my head. I have never experienced this with anyone else throughout my whole life, friends and family think its crazy until I predict I that I will see him and it happens. They have said there is some sort of magnetic energy between us. Please its not some silly love story its driving me insane. Its really hard to explain without it seeming stupid but I hope someone understands how bizarre it is and can give some answers or opinions to all of this and what it means

Physic abilities run through my family, and all the clairvoyants I have been too have said that I have physic abilities but I need to learn how to control and use them!

1 has anyone else had a similar experience?

2 Do you think we have had a past live that we need to resolve in the present?

3 could we be twin flames?

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