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Telepathic And Astral Projection Annoyances


Ever since I was a kid I've been (I'm not going to say able because I can't control it) hearing questions or comments in my head and then a few seconds later a person says what I was thinking. I have also always been able to feel emotions of others and I just thought that it was a normal human thing but now that I'm getting older I've realized its not completely normal. I know that means I'm telepathic in a sense and empathic. I think it's pretty cool but just annoying I still can't control it so any tips on how to control it?

Now a days I have been really getting in tune with the spiritual aspects of life so I started practicing astral projection. The first time I was ever successful it felt amazing as if I dove out of my body through my head and landed into this warm bright light, it was the best feeling. I haven't been able to get that vivid of a projection ever sense that day but I have been able to become lucid during my dreams and leave my body that way which is also awesome so if anyone has questions about that I can answer them. The furthest I have ever gotten away from my body was to my backyard flying a little over my house while I was trying to get to the moon so I was wondering if any of you guys have any tips to get far from your body without losing getting sucked back into your bodies. I also had some issues with phasing through stuff its weird ill have to truly force myself to go through a wall or something or else ill just get stuck in the room I'm in and get uncomfortable and go back into my body so tips on that too would be helpful.

Any tips on these topics would be very helpful!


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