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Extreme Deja Vu?


Lately it's been getting worse and worse. Nearly everyday now I get visions, I guess you could call it. I get extreme feelings of deja-vu, in school mostly. The first time I remember it clearly enough was about a month or two ago at a party. I asked my friend if this had already happened, she just gave me a confused look. Today what happened in class led me to this website. I was helping my teacher cover the wall in black paper for a project. I was standing there and all of a sudden I had a vision like sensation and blanked out. Maybe 2 seconds maybe 20 I don't seem to remember. When it stopped I just stood there, stunned and wondering how long I had just been standing there. I know it couldn't have just been a memory considering the people around me and the things that were happening. When I got home I brought the incident up to my mother, who works for medicine. I knew exactly that she would say it was just deja vu, I won't bother with her again. I've brought it up to two friends, ones who I know believe in this stuff, I have been researching and still nothing similar to my experiences. I always forget what exactly happens the day or so after and usually forget to write it down or bring it up to someone. The party is the only one I can still clearly remember. I've read of many experiences of people having the same kind of visions but then getting extremely dizzy or sick afterward. Being only 13 years old i'm hoping ill learn more information and if anyone could contact me of having similar experiences or hearing of any it'd help me a lot and i'd appreciate it.

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AngelWings111 (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-03)
That sounds more than the "usual" deja vu experience. I would be concerned with getting a checkup. Have you had any bumps on the head? Feeling dizzy is not part of déjà vu... At least not what I've experienced. If you want to know for sure, practice meditation and ask your spirit guides to show you an answer either directly or indirectly (like a dream or by symbols) clear your mind

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