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Possible Twin Flame Telepathy


I met this guy summer of 2012, I'll call him Devin. We met on a double blind date and had an instant connection. We started seeing each other and things became hot and heavy very quickly. Devin is 9 years older than me and has 2 kids with 2 different women, he had some baggage.

We both started having dreams of each other but I thought nothing of it in the beginning.

The telepathy started in January 2013. One day I came to visit him at his job, we were sitting outside and I remember telling him for the first time that I loved him. As soon as I said that I heard his voice in my head say "You will." I looked at him to see if he was talking and he wasn't and he never said I love you back. So I just brushed it off as me hearing things. Weeks later I woke up from a dream and heard his voice say again " you WILL love me " I was definitely spooked then.

We went a few weeks without speaking and I had a dream about Devin unconscious in a hospital bed, I was flailing my arms at him, screaming trying to get his attention. Later on that day I decided to contact him and asked how he was doing, he told me he was fine but just got out of the hospital because he had surgery on his wrist. This is is when I KNEW we had some type of telepathic connection, so I told him about my dream and how I was in the OR with him.

There were a few other telepathic moments and I had to move across the country back with my family for an emergency, so our relationship ended abruptly and it caused both of us pain and we cut off all connections. I tried to date other guys but while on a date with one of them I heard Devin's voice say " I can't wait to get married." I've had numerous dreams and visions that involve him and I don't know why because we haven't spoken in months. But I definitely believe that we could be twin flames or soul mates. If anyone has any similar experiences please share.

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