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Empathic Massage Therapist Experiencing Nausea


I'm a massage therapist and I have been empathic since I can remember. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I learned what it meant to be an empath and how to protect myself from taking on other people's junk. In school we learned how to ground and it became very clear how important it was for me when I suddenly burst into tears when working on someone who had a traumatic injury previously in the spot I was working. Since then I have gotten great with grounding and carry crystals for farther protection.

I was working on my boyfriend today and I kept getting nauseous every time I touched him. It literally would go away the second I took my hands off of his skin. I even re-grounded myself and sat a big chunk of black tourmaline underneath me to help and it kept happening. I finally had to stop.

We love each other very much, he's a great person, and was in a good mood. I don't know what could have happened. I have also very recently been working on a client and felt this electric volt go from her body into my finger, hand, and down my arm when I hit a tender point on her.

There was another instance when I was doing work on the client's stomach trying to break up scar tissue and my stomach started severely cramping. It was my third client without a break that day so I know why my grounding techniques weren't holding up the best. Plus she was opening herself trying to help me intuitively. I don't think she realized how intuitive I was, but she backed of immediately and I stopped feeling it pretty quickly.

Any thoughts on this? My empathic abilities have always been just emotions. I've NEVER had physical symptoms with my empathic abilities unless I see gruesome pictures and in those instances it's like a quick painful feeling in the same spot on me that is in the picture. All three of these happened within the last month. Could I be developing more empathically? Does that happen? Why could I be feeling nausea with my boyfriend?

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Jenney84 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-11)
It's funny, this exact thing happened to me just a while back. I'm in massage therapy school right now and I was getting ready for a deep tissue comp. A LMT that I had worked on before that requested time with me again came in to be my body. Well, 5 minutes into the comp I started to get really sick to my stomach every time I touched her. ESPECIALLY when I was hitting trigger points. I had to stop in the middle of the comp, go get water and eat a bite of food, but even THAT didn't help. I removed my shoes to help ground me even more and sat down to do some treatment work which seemed to help a bit but it was still intense. Unlike you however, for as long as I've been an emotional empath I've also known I was a physical empath as well. It's why I decided to get into this business. I can actually feel on myself where others experience pain which aids me when it comes to massaging them. The only sucky part is I come away with a headache, achy shoulder, stiff back... Sometimes. I'm still not sure what the neausea was about since it had never happened before, so I'm sorry I can't help you there. I just thought leaving this comment would let you know you're not alone! Good luck! I can't wait until I'm a LMT and can start doing what you're doing for a living!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-11)
Your actually tapping into a point of healing.
Bear in mind that a Healer comes not just work with the body but affects the mind/will and emotions. With the concept of healing. A healer works as mediator-channelling the plugged source. As a mediator you can in fact feel the point of origin before it manifests. Other times when working a feeling of nausea means You are overwhelmed and by retreating you are doing the right thing. The nausea indicates you are over loaded. In such cases it is important to use shielding and smudge the person. Use an object as a Spiral crystal or a vogal crystal. The short side of the Vogal pulls energy. After the session you can clear the stone. Then you can return to massage. Be careful to clear the room with a spirit release or purification oil in spray before next client. You can apply on your self.
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-10)
Have you been cleansing and shielding as well? Those are also basics.

Usually, grounding, for me, helps dampen anything empathic.

In the same respect, If I spend a large time doing something (work, exercising, basically anything that will break down my sillpower) my sensitivity skyrockets.

Could it be that you have something that has been invisibly stressing you?
Or have you been working multiple people without taking breaks to ground?

Another thing about grounding versus cleansing... In my personal experience, grounding... Covers more than fixes.

It's like, you have your energy as a individual... And you take energy from the earth, and from the universe, and you put it on over your energy as a individual.

I know most meditation in regards to grounding has you focus on mixing it inside yourself... But, that's how it feels to me, energetically, when I ground. A cover of energy that you use to augment your own energy.

To me, cleansing gets inside, and fills any holes I have in my charka, and refills my chakra levels. Even amps them for a short period of time.

One reason I would suggest cleansing is that, interacting with other people, it's like... Like RAM in a computer. You can empty the RAM, but trace amounts still remain behind.
In that analogy, cleansing would be like Defragmenting... You really don't need to do it too often, but you do need to do it from time to time.

Where as, I would say grounding is more like sticking a new RAM card into your computer... When you first do it and it's fresh, it doesn't have the extra stuff in it yet.
But, over time, it still builds up.
And it's pretty much a one time upgrade... You are born with whatever RAM card you come with, then you add a RAM card from grounding.

And shielding would be like a anti-virus program.

Those are very general comparisons, but Ifeel they are fairly accurate.

If none of that works, there is a non-basic technique that Icall channeling that you can try... When the empathic bond flows in, move it through a channel and to somewhere else.

I wouldn't suggest putting it back in the person it came from, people usually find it rude, and don't want to believe they gave it off to begin with.

I would say channeling is a slightly more advanced form of shielding.

Then there is also "purifying" but that is very difficult.
Basically, if you have removed your sense of self enough, and energy like that enters you, you take it, and refocus it...
For example, the person giving it off might be thining... "Why me, why do I have to deal with this" etc etc...
And that sets it up to want to be given off.
When someone such as yourself ends up receiving it, it'll come with the "Why me, why do I have to deal with this" energy signature, and will make you emotionally feel put upon for having taken it.
Now, if you can turn that from "why me" to something more like... "This is a part of aging, it is a natural process, and I am blessed for experiencing this" Then you have made the energy less agressive, and have "purified" it.
When I say purify, I use it to differentiate between more "malignant" energy, and more "benign" energy.
The more selfish it is, the more malignant it is... It gets in you, and it multiplies, and takes wor to get out.
The more selfless it is, the more benign it is.

It could also be that your boyfriend isn't balancing his emotions as well as he could be, and, being empathic, and being linked to your boyfriend, it's bleeding over to you... So you are basically grounding for two people, and not just one.

It also could be that you are pregnant.

In any case, food for thought. Hope it helps.

God bless, and be well.

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