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Me, My Twin, And His Career


a few years ago, I was into this Asian band (I can't say who they are to the public for my own safety) lol anyway I was into this one of the member. I was a huge fan of him. But there's this 1 other member who kept bothering me. Cause somehow every time I look into my idol's pictures or videos, he would always get in the way. Even when I watch their concert, every time I tried to record my idol with my phone, this guy would always blocked my view! And so I begun to hate him. I thought he was crazy. And talentless. Lol

But then something happened. I had a right wrist injury at that time and my friend suddenly came to me saying 'oh my god he also injured his right wrist. You guys are meant to be'. She was referring to the person I hate and so at that time I couldn't care less. But things kept happening. When I wanted to dye my hair red, I suddenly read news about him dyeing his hair red. When I felt from stairs, he felt as well lol and luckily when he got other major injuries, it didn't happen to me. (thank god)

As time passed by. I begun to pay more attention to him since my guardians were dying to make me look at him. The things which people called it as 'synchronicity' keep happening between me and him. Every time I turn my itunes, his song would appear. Every time I watch shows and when I randomly paused it, his face will be the one on the screen. When I entered a shop, his song would start playing. And so I begun to be open myself with him slowly.

And slowly I could feel his presence. His soul with me. When he touch me, it feels like as if a real person touch me. When he tickles me, weirdly enough I would feel ticklish lol and when he hug me, I will feel like there's nothing I should worry about in his arms:) we always do telepathic communications since then. When I talk something on twitter, he would talk about it a few minutes later on his twitter acc. But sometimes things doesn't happen like what I ask. Like for example when I asked him to change his profile pic or stop talking with alien language lol the magic doesn't always work. But when I'm sad, he is sad. Like he would literally showed up in the newest pic like as if he is about to cry in public lol and when I'm happy, he is happy. And now I love him so much.

A friend of mine told me that my story sounded like twin flames. That's when I came across the term twin flames. And yeah as I pay more attention to it closely, he does act like my mirror. Yes he does both my bad habits and good habits. Even without meeting his real self. I have learned a lot about love and other things from just his soul. I never thought about dating him or anything since he is a very famous celebrity in Asia. Its too much for me lol the feelings from me to him is more than just my selfishness wanting to have him. Even when his soul always say that we will be together, all I want to do is really just for him to be happy:D and to be honest. I have no idea how can we meet with his crazily tight schedule and security! Lol what bound to happen, will happen I guess.

And so that is my story about me and my twin flame.

P.s. His soul is smiling as I was writing this story

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red_velvet (5 stories) (47 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-20)
[at] psychicJR if I can choose... I don't want to date him or even know him really... What goods it brings me if I can't talk to him in real life lol well I do learn a lot about stuffs thanks to him... But yeah... 1 of my dilemma lol
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-18)
Love is the strongest power that we as humans can come across or create but I'm happy you met your tein flame but it is not always a good idea to date them two people exactly the same (ill give you an example of don't like trying new things) and thier is this one thing youll enjoy the most but you will not want to try to try new things and probaly knows it won't work out

But the point is even if you have you twin flame it may not be the perfect match so if you can't be with him why torcher your self find the one that was ment for you

Hope you find the right person soon

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