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My life journey has been interesting and exciting so far. Just like any other humans, I experienced bad times and also good times. Was born as a confused kid. Curious about many things and doesn't understand how things work. How human way of thinking. But just like other normal humans I have adventure. I search people who is like me. Or at least I tried to belong somewhere and somehow. I even been posted some stories here.

Since last 2 years, the last time I posted something here, everything has change. I begin to learn about myself. And everyone else. And start accepting who I am. I'm a healer. Or at least that's what I told everyone because that is what they can accept. I'm actually an energy master. At least that's 1 of my title I got from my past life. Someone who can control energy. Of course everyone can basically.

I been healing people. Lots of people. God is good. Life is fair. People who need any help will always find their way to me if I am the one who supposed to help them. Even they are stranger, they would suddenly ask for my help. I heal human's psychical and mental illness. Their stress, their sickness, their karma,etc. I heal them all. And all of them are good now. Though I am not a super healer haha. I been telling this all the time. The one who heal them is not me, but them. I'm just helping for them to want to heal themselves. Because that is what it is. We can do, what we want to do.

I have a this group on facebook that has 1200 something members. It is amazing for me the fact that I have a group which have that many members and I always try to help them. And they always count on me as the owner. Just funny thinking how my family still don't know and still can't accept with this part of me. But I been doing good. Being normal person I only help myself, but being the real me. What I am, I help many people. Not sure if they will be frightened or proud of me after they find out hahaha.

What I want to share is that for you guys to keep living. Especially those who been down these days or years. Raise your heads up, keep living, and it all will work out:) we are what we are. Things that happens to us, happen because it is what it is. We just need to keep moving. If you guys need any healing or cleansing. Something to do with spirits, disease, or problems, etc. Do email me ^_^ I will gladly help.

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red_velvet (5 stories) (47 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-23)
how long... I'm not really sure hahaha... Ever since I was a kid I always have those special experience. But when do I actually began healing for real. I mean by "real" is that I was aware with what I'm doing is probably since 4 years ago. I'm nothing compare to you. 19 years wow hahahaha...
How do I learn all of this... Hmm... I'm not sure... I just always have that voice that guide me through things. I also learn from experiences as well. I think you can say I learn everything intuitively haha:D
What I find the hardest being a healer is that... How people get healed are magical. Sometimes its because of me, sometimes probably need to be other things. And sometimes when you see people feel so attached with their problems and no matter how much people around them give their arms to help them, they still refuse to be broken. It never gets easier seeing those situations hahaha... But I also learn that a part of being a healer is also need to know how to let go.
Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-20)
Hi Red Velvet,

How long have you been a healer? Have you studied or do you simply know, intuitively what to do? I have been doing energy healing for 19 years, moving energy for more years than that. People really do find their way to you. But I also find many people do not want to be responsible for their own health and healing. I try to explain, I guide and help balance, they do the healing. You have a positive attitude for one whose family is unaware of your gifts. Peace, love, light and eternal gratitude to you. I wish you the best.


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