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New Things For Me


It has freaked me out how much things have changed for me over the past few months. I feel that my Psychic Abilities and experiences have grown. During my school year, I have dreamed of the day. Everything happens no matter if I try and stop it or alter the way it occurs. Time still runs on with out fault. I,also, have started to have sharp pains in my stomach whenever something bad happens to a family member or friend of mine. I feel like I am going a little bit crazy. I will also think of someone and wish to talk with them, like an old friend or even someone how hasn't talked to me in a week, and they will either call or text me within that day. I feel like I know when things are going to happen the closer it gets. As the bad event draws closer I will start toe feel even more sick and uneasy. I have stopped checking my grades because I know the general score of them without even looking. I could also tell my friends their grades before the text even comes back from the teacher. They will always come to me for their grades. For my dreams, I will live the same day twice. I feel like I am on a record that repeats for 48 hours. I have often wondered if I even sleep because even after awaking from these repeating dreams, I still feel wore out like I haven't slept at all. It is starting to effect my daily life. During the Summer the dreams seem to become even more true and vivid. Recently I had a dream of me in the 1800's as if I was living a past life. I feel like I might have an ability but I am very confused on what I have or how it works. I have taken the websites test and only the one of ESP went off the charts. I want to be able to live my life not twice and only when I know I will need it can I visit this poer. I feel like I must be a bit weird and I am looking for Guidance through this, how to control or train it, or if it is just coincidence. I would like help. This is all New Things for me.

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