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Strange Abilites That Come And Go


My mother's family is quite a large one and many seem to be talented in special ways. My grandfather had visions of the future and one of my cousins is a medium. As a young woman, I was very drawn to these tales. That's when several family members opened up to me about things that happened when I was little. Apparently, when I was a baby, before I had even mastered talking, I would react to things that weren't there. I asked about and played with an elderly man with a beard that I called "Pap-pap". No one had a clue who I was talking about and sort of shrugged it off. There's more, at around three I was talking about slavery with a woman named Millie that wasn't there. The list goes on and on. It surprised me, because to the best of my thirteen year old memory nothing had ever happened like that to me. My life was free from the paranormal, other than silly teenage curiosity.

Then, it all fired up again after I had my wisdom teeth pulled, like immediately after. I was now sixteen and I came home all doped up and on the couch and then I saw a woman. She didn't speak, but I intuitively knew that her name was Mary and that she had been trying to contact me for a while, but right then she just wanted to check on me. I would've blamed the drugs, but it seemed to last forever, just talking to her without speaking. When my mom came out of the bathroom, she gasped because she had seen something hovering over me. It wasn't the drugs; I began to see her regularly. We always communicated that way, but sometimes, she sang to me and I heard her with my actual ears and saw her mouth move. I wasn't afraid at all.

For a while, I only saw Mary, but when a friend came over to visit, we had the scariest experience of my life. We were walking in the forest, suddenly without saying anything we both turned around. Behind us we could see a man watching us, but he was just skin, he seemed thin and melted and he had no eyes. It was so disturbing that it's still uncomfortable to even type about. He kind of ducked behind a tree after a while and then just evaporated. The worst part is that we had to walk past where he had been to run home to safety. That was the first thing that she had ever seen, but it wouldn't be the last. It seems like my abilities, whatever they may be, are amplified by her presence. We've seen disembodied feet walking around the grocery store and strange shimmery metallic floating orbs. When I stay at her house things move by themselves, or appear to and we can hear a man and a woman argue, but can't make out what's being said other than our names. I am happy that I'm not alone in my strange experiences but she gets really scared.

I don't always see things, sometimes; my body just instinctively turns as if something has ran by me. I've felt invisible things touch me and breathe on me. I've even had very vivid dreams that actually happen weeks later.

Very recently, I have begun to hear a man speaking in my ear; again I can't make it out. Tonight, 7/14/14, as I was giving my dog a treat from the porch and I heard the same man, right in my ear. It couldn't have been the TV or radio or anything, I was outside. I live in a rural area with no neighbors. I thought it was my dad because he frequently mumbles, but he wasn't even home. I did make out the word "Lucky" toward the end of the sentence.

It seems strange that I can go months without any experience and then they just come out of nowhere in clusters. I would really like to know more about this and what I should do about it. I also wonder why from around age 6 to 16 I had no experiences. Thank you for reading and I hope that you'll comment and possibly advise.

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vhoff38 (1 stories) (37 posts)
7 years ago (2014-08-21)
Thanks for the information I will try the meditation daily and try and find a medium in my city and thanks again.
vhoff38 (1 stories) (37 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-26)
Well from 6 to 16 you blocked it out of your mind and if you want to keep going with your experience you should mmeditate daily. One more thing you could do is try to go to a medium to see about getting some insight of wants going on and what you can do to improve your abilities.

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