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White Guardian


Before I was born my mom said this lady came up to her and said I would have a "special gift" a protecter.

It seems my while family has had some kind of experience with dogs such as my mom. She told me once that she was walking home and there was this one dog witch attacked everyone but one day she was walking and when she least expected it the dog was on her standing supporting itself from her shoulders.

Then when I was born my mom said that she came into my room and said that she saw a Great Dane sitting right next to me. Then she said she blinked and it disappeared.

Now that I'm older I was walking alone at night, probably around 10-11 and I drop something.

I turn up slowly and start seeing dog legs and get scared and as I look up even higher I notice it's a Great Dane fully white.

I just kept staring at it not feeling scared but somewhat at peace.

I also saw these men that seems like they are just ready to cause trouble so I turn the other way.

I turned around to see if the dog was still there but it disappeared by the time I turned around. I find it weird since a big dog like that can just dissapear that quickly.

I've also been reading and seeing that people say I should try and communicate with it but not sure how to. I've also been seeing him more lately.

I also have a brother who was born dead... So I was wondering if it could be him resurrected as a dog spirit to protect me.

I just want to know if this dog, angel, Great Dane, Deamon, or just coincidence, I just want to know what it is?

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