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This seems to effect me more now that I am older. I can see full human figure ghost but I cannot speak to them. I see white lining figures as well but these figures comes and go. I see these white figues in peoples homes and mostly in churches where they come together and lift up into the roof while we pray. I am a christian and these experiences are confusing. In my faith we do believe in the forgotton spirits.

I can also see (sometimes) when I wake up people watching me but I thought maybe this is my unconcious mind. With seeing these images, what is weird is these Ghost and Spirits do not speak to me but I can understand what they are feeling. Anything that has been happening wllot lately is dreams of family members the day or night they died. When this happens they tell me something to tell one of our family members.

Can somebody please tell me what am I? Age 28, white female. Am I a medium or just a normal person? On top of these experiences I have had an angel in counter where a white elderly man and women offered me a lift (I was 22 years old at this time) and when I got out the car the old man told me something that was due to my situation at the time but what freakeded me out was that his eyes was grey and his wife eyes aswell.

I have spoken to my family about this but they think I am crazy. I know that mediums can speak to spirits but I cannot. What am I? What is this I am experiencing?

I am so confused to what I am experiencing, I am open to discussion and hope that somebody can help me with what I am experiencing.

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PathR (4 stories) (1266 posts)
7 years ago (2014-09-08)
You are experiencing what is called the discernment
Of spirits. Look this up in the Strings concordance.

Prophets of old knew things were going to happen.
And that has been referred to as a Seer.

There comes a thin line were human beings dispute this and that. So it would be wise for you to continue to meditate on the bible as you have sand fast and pray, as beliefs are a very private and personal. No words of a minister or metaphysical beliefs can persuade you.

You must be in a position to know that you know.

In my childhood I felt and knew things, experienced things that did not fall into the peg of religion or metaphysical. Years later I see and believe differently that when I was 18. At 55 years of age I did what I am encouraging you to do. Now I believe
Much differently as in Spiritual.

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