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My Friends - Orbs


I found this website when I was searching an answer for this strange thing that is happening with me since I was born. No kidding.

When I was little I remember this time I was sitting under our dinner table and hiding, honestly, I have no idea why or from what (maybe I just like sitting under dinner tables) and then I looked outside my window and I saw these bubbles. These bubbles have always been with me. Everytime I saw them I made a wish, because I thought they will come true. And actually, they did. I was never feeling alone. They were (and are) my friends.

Other my theory about "my" bubbles was that they are bubbles with Souls inside of them. Those who are floating down on the Earth are yet unborn children, but those who are floating back in the skies are dead people Souls. But this came in my mind when I got older.

I never said anything to anyone, but I wasn't sure am I the only one who can see them or everyone can. It didn't really matter to me, but now I'm starting to worry. Recently, I had a thought that this strange and unexplained thing is happening with me, because of my bad vision, BUT when I was younger my vision was literally perfect. So, there was a period of my life when I had glasses, but now I have lenses, BUT I STILL SAW AND SEE THEM, so I don't think this was because of my bad vision.

I didn't really want to submit my story, because in this website there are many similar stories and the Orbs or "bubbles" are described as harmless creatures, but then strange things started to happen with me. I don't see ONLY colorless and glassy bubbles. Now with my are also group of brown bubbles and they (it) is floating around me all the time. I have even gave them (it) name - Dragon (because of the shape).

What is wrong with me? Why do I see bubbles or Orbs? Who or what are they? What or who is Dragon? What do they (it) want? Should I worry?

This isn't only strange and paranormal thing what is happening with me, but for now, I think, this is enough questions.


Thanks You! I'm waiting for ANY help!

Love, AliceH <3

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Silkie (1 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-17)

I had an experience or experiences when I was very young-- maybe 5 -8 years old -- when what I called balls of light would suddenly appear out of thin air in my room. My sister, who is 3 years older, could also see them. We referred to them as our "friends, a term you also used. I know we must have seen them more than once because I remember talking to my sister about them in a way that indicated we had seen them or it before. However, I only have one real memory of seeing one ball of light pop into our room and how I tried to direct where it was with my mind. It did move in response to what I was thinking, and my sister knew that was happening, too. I have no idea what they were really, but I thought of them as balls of energy, almost like balls of safe electricity. I tried to tell my mother about it, but she just mocked me and asked how could a ball come into my room when the windows were closed. I thought that was a very idiotic response given what I had seen, but did not know how to explain that they just popped into existence.

Years latter at a college lecture on paranormal experiences, I heard that many children have reported seeing these balls of light. At that time, I had no memory of seeing "my friends." The memory only came back to me after years of meditation. Also, after many years of practicing meditation, I was told by spiritual leaders and psychics that my third eye was completely open. I suspect your third eye may be open, as well.

I have seen other posts on this site about the same or similar phenomena in which the term crystal children was used. Perhaps you would like to look that up.

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