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Serpent Eyes And A Evil Presence


My names Lian and I'm 22, I have a question I need help answering,

When I was younger I would go to my school dances and about half when into them I would feel this presence and I would close my eyes and see what looked like twenty or thirty eyes that looked almost serpent like. I would walk around the dance looking for who was looking at me because being the child I was I thought that maybe it was just the feeling of being watched yet I found no one. This happened all the way through middle school and ended once I got into high school and then at a Halloween party I felt this presence that I can only describe as pure and complete evil and when I closed my eyes I saw thousands of the same eyes I had seen back in middle school. But instead of leaving the party I stayed and tried to warn everyone but of course they mocked me. So I stayed alert and tried to keep my friends away from the area that the presence was coming from. It was but again they mocked me and even went into the area, by now I had well the best way I can put it is that I went primal almost wolf like. I know that sounds very odd and in fact crazy but that's what happened. In the past few months I accepted that I have psychic abilities, which is why I think I could sense it and no one else could. Also I have been seeing shadow people as well as I've seen what I call Mists which are a spirit that looks like black smoke and have either yellow smoky eyes, red eyes or grey smoky eyes, I feel that it is best for people to know what I have seen so they can better help answer my question, and my question is have any of you see something like those eyes before have you felt a presence that made you fear for your life or the lives of those around you? Or have you seen Mists

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Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-28)
Hello Trinity_Paladin293,

That's quite a story you have. I haven't had exactly the same experience as you but I have had similar supernatural events in my life for about 50 years almost so I have seen much of the unseen and learned from it. Sometimes you may feel lonely having a psychic ability both because people may mock you (like you wrote about) and also because it's not easy to find like-minded people. So in that sense it was a good idea that you posted here. There are other places too where you can find people with unusual psychic abilities (if you google for "spiritual forums" you will find).

I have seen a common thread after reading many posts from people with psychic abilities but without knowledge how to control it and use it to help himself/herself and others for the highest purpose. I can understand that it's not easy having such ability and there is no one to ask for help. In general, if a person has opened up his/her psychic ability either consciously or "by accident" there is nothing that prevents any type of spiritual entity to interact with you - unless you are practicing spiritual protection. Once that is established then there is nothing to fear and you can start learning how to better control your ability.

I hope what I wrote makes some sense to you.


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