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From a very young age I have been able to sense things, I grew up in the countryside and moved from house to house. This one particular house I lived in, I felt and seen a lot in it. I was only around 8 years old, I heard this constant whistle as tho calling for a dog. I used to ask my parents what is that noise but no one heard it apart from me. Then one night I went to go up my stairs and I seen the outline of a man with a small dog. It didn't scare me. Shortly after this experience the landlord had come around to remove a door from the bottom of the stair case. Which was old fashioned and useless and my parents asked why this was here. He told us the man who built the house had a small dog and it wasn't allowed upstairs. I have lots of experiences like this another example was around 3 years ago. My sister is a nurse and had to go to work that morning quite early. So as I stayed in her house the night before she had dropped me to my parents where I lived at the time. I had no key and my family are very hard to wake so I went around my house to check the back and noticed my brothers window open And it was low enough for my to climb through. Beside my brothers bedroom is our basement which is above ground and contains our boiler and has a lot of windows as I took a quick glance in. I seen my reflection but it wasn't me. It was a tall dark haired man with small circular glasses and a suit. I can still see him to clearly I could draw a picture. He was standing smiling at me. This experience frightened me a little and tho it was dark out and I was pretty tired. I know what I saw. I later went on to discover that man was from the ohagan family who built my parents house where they still live. He was a student at university and due to mental health problems had committed suicide. I don't know why they appear to me or their reasoning behind it was I don't think they were trying to speak to me. Almost as if to say, I'm here and very much alive. I have lots of experiences like this and I could go on but there's one last thing I feel I need to say. I grew up in the countryside and only lived there until I was 11. My parents moved back to their home town because the believe they were visited by two pink ladies. Its a long story but we moved out the following day. I have seen various people who have passed but only those connected to a building. Another thing which has happened to me is each time a family member dies I get this overwhelming smell of lavender or rose before I hear the news. Recently I haven't seen much but I feel spirits around me all the time especially in my apartment, I feel like I have a gift but I'm not sure. My granda who passed was also a medium. I didn't discover this to recently and was completely off topic, my dad doesn't talk about him much.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-01)
You know you have ability.
As you say: you are afraid. Your Angel would not push or make you do anything your not ready for.

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