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I Am Confused


About a year ago during the summer I decided to grow a deep relationship with God and spirituality, I began listening as well as slowing down the pace of my life in order to try and make some sort of connection wether it was with my guardian angel or spirits.

My first experience was with an angel who told me he came to test my faith and trust in god, He told me to remove my shoes and follow the path of the sun that shines a path through the shadows, I began to follow the path I saw and it led me into a forest up a hill and as it led me down one of the slopes I noticed what seemed to be a physical already made path, The sunbeams led down it so I continued to follow as I was walking through it I began noticing things that I never have before such as small green plants with pretty white flowers that tiny moth like creatures flew out of towards me as I passed by.

When the path ended it ended almost directly where the sun was shining down upon me warming up my face, I then gathered an instinct to close my eyes and tune into the world around me, I stood there standing my face up to the sun and my mind quiet until a voice found its way into my head and began to say " I am God, I am the Sun shining dow upon your face, You have no reason anymore to question your faith in me For I am always with you, You are never truly alone." Then if as almost like magic the sun drew back behind a cloud and my eyes opened quickly for I had awoken spiritually and was fully aware of everything from physical to the spiritual. I have even more tales about my experiences but before I go on,

I need to know what this means and if I should be afraid of it.

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Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-22)
Hello Elanandria,
I have not experienced this, however it does not seem like something to fear. Explore this new awareness and enjoy it.
Awareness such as this comes from dedicated meditation. It is a good thing.
Be at peace,

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