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I'm Not Sure What I Am


I've experience some things that led me to thinking that I might be a psychic but I'm not sure myself. I can't list all the events exactly in time order that it happened but I'm able to remember some.

Since I was little, I always have this curiosity and passion for the other world, I always have believed in things like ghosts, spirits, werewolves, witches, vampires etc. And I've always tried to find things that I could do to make me become one of them which seems like a beautiful and exciting thing to be although when I talked about it to some people they always think that I'm crazy and that none of it is real. In my opinion, they're all real. In my world at least.

One of the first encounters of the spirit world I've experienced was, I remembered walking around the third floor which was the highest floor on my mum's business building with my cousin. I think she was doing something to 'get rid' of bad energy, it's all I could remembered. At the time there were only me and my cousin on that floor and people haven't used the third floor in a while (The third floor were kind of like hotel rooms) and while walking through the area, I remembered the smell until now, I could smell flowers; kind of like an old perfume. As a child, of course, I panicked and was about to tell my cousin but she looked at me and nod because she could smell the same thing. We didn't know where it came from because nobody have used this floor for over a month plus if anything that nice were placed in here, it would have ran out.

After a big while I've experienced similar things at my own house, being as innocent as I was I asked my mum whether she bought flowers or not. Her response was that she didn't. So, I walked to my room at just sat there in confusion. (Even if she bought flowers how could I smell it from upstairs? The door was closed and everything)

I once saw a shadow running from the woods and disappeared by the road while having a road trip with my family but I stopped myself from saying anything.

I can't remember what else happened after that until now but a few days ago I believed, there were a power cut so I lit up a candle in the shower so I could see what I was doing. After I was done showering and everything, I randomly started staring onto the burning flame. Without thinking I moved my hand towards the flame and did something, I'm still not sure what I did until now but my mind commanded the flame to stop moving with the wind and it did. I could feel the wind around the room but it did not effected the flame at all. I didn't believe what I saw so I raised my hand again and, using my mind, told the flame to move again. It did. In confusion I blew out the candle and walked downstairs to my brother and his nanny.

I knew I did something because I could feel something moving around in my body when I controlled the flame. I couldn't do anything more than that because for some reason I knew I wasn't strong enough.

I always had passion with fire, if I see one I always get excited and or take pictures. Sometimes I'd even play with flames and feel the burn when I reached in too close although that didn't stop me from doing it.

Even before the fire incident, I'd always see things at the corner of my eyes and I'd always get chills and be scared so I always try to ignore it and do something else. What did I see? Shadows. Every time I turned around to look straight at it, it disappears but whenever I went back to what I'm doing, it's there again.

The thing is I get lonely but I don't feel lonely, I always feel like somethings there and as I'm writing this I'm getting chills.

One thing I know I'm good at is knowing what the person I just met is like, I don't even need to talk to them and most of the time after I've guessed what they're like, I'm always right. I could sense people's emotion, tell whether they're lying or not; or even sense that someone's going to do something.

I'm still really interested in the supernatural so if anyone has a way, please reach out.

If you know what I am or what's wrong with me. Please, please, comment below.

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spookvanger (13 stories) (130 posts)
5 years ago (2015-07-24)
Good day once again. I in the meantime came across a website which will give you lots of information. Go to:
Afterlife Sciences at:

Trusting your search will be fruitful.
God bless.
spookvanger (13 stories) (130 posts)
5 years ago (2015-07-23)
Good day to you. Don't let anybody influence you, as ghosts and spirits are very real. To believe in them is a great start to spiritual development.
I am unable to comment on your experiences, but would suggest that you start reading psychic matter. There are a myriad of psychic books available, so do not believe everything you read. Sift the chaff from the corn.
I have found that even on this website a lot of nonsense is spoken. Mostly by youngsters trying to outdo one another.
Have a look in your libraries for books or the internet for possible suppliers in Thailand. I don't think that a Psychic Society or Spiritualist church would be allowed in your country which is a great pity. has a big variety in stock.
However, feel free to read my profile on this site where you will find a lot of Truth.

If you need further assistance please ask. I will help to the best of my ability.
God bless.

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