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A New Presence Is With Me


Since I was a little girl I remember knowing that there was someone or something with me. My grandmother has owned her home for 40 years and has always known of a spirit dubbed Mr. Anthony. He's nice for the most part but if you aren't careful he'll hide your things. When she was younger she could see and hear spirits but it never worried her. Her mother as well. Her daughter hasn't had such experiences but I think my mom has and is just in denial. A notable, and I believe the first experience of mine was when I was around 5 and I fell down the stairs, but after maybe two stairs I could feel someone lift me and carry me to the landing, and it honestly felt like I was flying. I've known for a long time that there was a presence and I felt like I could talk to them. When I was sad I would talk and I could feel someone embrace me. If I felt threatened by how they were acting, I would tell them to stop and they would. We've created a bond and I think it might be my Nana's sister-in-law. Recently though I haven't been able to speak with the presence. It feels like something else is here now. I can't take a proper shower because I here scratching at the door and when I close the curtain I can feel and almost hear something behind it. I'm really nervous that something new and dangerous is here and I don't feel safe which is odd because I feel as though I have experienced enough spirits where I'm no longer afraid under normal circumstance which is why this is so troubling. I want to channel with the first mentioned spirit, but also try with the second. I want to see if it is friendly. Does anyone have an idea as to how I can do this safely? Do you have an idea of what this being might be? Thank you!

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bonifaz (2 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-31)
There definately is a new spirit around you, and by no means a nice one, since you feel fear and dread around you. And many posessions have started with doors being scratched.

What really worries me is the abscence of your protector. This, I have no answer for. I can only guess that this new entity is very stong and outpowers the other one.

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