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Twin Flame Telepathy, Visions, And Dreams


I have a twin flame who's in spirit who's presence I sense around me a lot. Psychics have told me his name and confirmed sensing him around me. One psychic told me his name is arradon and she said he used to be named herman theodor portaas or rather the poet herman wildenvey. These are dreams and visions I've had when he's around me. A lot of times I hear him tell me, "I love you" through my clairaudience. He's very verbal to me. When I first started getting clairaudient and clairvoyant was when my twin flame in spirit started connecting to my energy and came to me in 2013. For a for around two years I didn't know my twin flames name until spring 2015.

I often get in a trances and have visions when my twin flame wants to communicate with me. He sends me visuals through our thoughts. I was scared because of how aggressive he was being and I started putting up bricks to block him out through our shared link. And I had almost finished putting up my last few bricks. A wall between him and I. When suddenly BAM! A military truck rammed through the bricks. Bricks flew in all directions. And he drove into the room I was in. He got out of the truck and leaned against it. Crossing his arms. He gave me a smug smirk.

I started spacing out while on my bed one day I in the vision I appeared in a living room, I heard my twin flame scream at me, "get out! Get out now!" he was furious at me I felt like he brought me there though, so I tried to change the scene to an dark empty road and I started walking down it as rain poured down. I saw a car drive up beside me and I heard arradon say, "sweetheart get in the car." I looked at him a bit sad, "okay..." I jumped over the door and into the car, "now get out." he replied to me. I sighed and jumped back out, "now get in" he said with a smile creeping on his face. I jumped into the car again and he started driving. Then the vision faded.

I was pulled into a trance one day and started having a vision of a huge snow covered forest, a winter wonderland. Giant spruce trees covered in huge amounts of snow. I spotted white raindeer and cute white rabbits hopping about. I was dressed in a long white peacoat, with white buttons on either side on the front of the coat, I had a long flowing white scarf around my neck. White leggings and white furred calf high boots and a white hipster beanie hat sat on the top of my head. My twin flame appeared in front of me and we took a one horse sleigh ride through the snow. The horse was also white. We got off the sleigh and I threw a snow ball at my twin flame. He brushed the snow off his face and crept towards me smirking. He stuffed snow into my jacket and pushed me down into the snow. He bent down and kissed me and grabbed a handfull of snow stuffing it under my hat. My teeth started to chatter, "brrrrr I'm cold!" He helped me up and said, "come on let's go inside and get some hot cocoa." I stood up and there before us was a beautiful glass house. We walked up to it and he opened the door. We walked in and he went into the living room and started a fire in the fire place.

I dreamt I was standing in a room with people I knew. I was trying to straighten my hair but was failing miserably. I asked, "will one of you help me." they just sat there ignoring me. I suddenly felt very alone in the room full of people. Then I cried, "please someone." then I heard footfalls rush over and stand behind me. "lean over." his voice said. So I bent over leaning my head down and my twin flame brushed my hair over into my face and held his arms around me, "I will always be there for you." he spoke gently.

I dreamt that my twin flame was bent down talking to my toddler version of me. I was really small. He was wearing a trench coat a fedora. I watched as he leaned down to my younger self and embraced her. I asked him, "who is she?". Then I heard his voice in my dream say, "wild rose."

A while back like a year ago. I dreamt I was looking at my self. As if I wasn't in my body. I saw myself dancing randomly with no music. I looked much shorter than normal. The dream shifted and I was looking straight at my twin flame. He was so tall. He pulled me onto his feet and into his arms and started to waltz with me. We danced. It was fun. Suddenly the scene shifted and I was looking down at myself again. I heard his voice say, "you were looking through my eyes."

The Third dream I had right when I was starting to realize I had a twin flame, but didn't know who he was. In the dream I stood in front of a mirror and an extremely tall guy who looked like me, stood beside me gazing into the mirror with me, I asked, "are you my twin flame?" and he nodded.

My second dream of my twin flame was even before I knew I had one. In the dream I walked into a public shower room and the two showers had people in them. I waited and looked at one shower. The glass was fogged up and there was a tall naked man, with lots of muscles and his hair parted to one side. He had his arms spread out and was using up all the hot water. Then I looked at the other shower and a naked woman with wild long black hair was standing at her shower door trying to talk to him. "Hey you can I join you in there." She said. But he ignored her and got out of the shower. I was happy he was done with the shower and made my way into the shower and started washing myself. I enjoyed the hot water. I felt watched and saw the same tall guy who looked like a male version of me leaning against the door frame of the shower I was in, with his arms crossed staring at me. He wore loose pants and a olive green tunic. It exposed His chest quite a bit. I glared at him. I was like how dare he interupt my fabulous shower.

my first dream of my twin flame before I ever knew what a twin flame was or that he was with me, I dreamt I was walking across a parking lot and a tall male walked with me. I got to two trees and we lay down beside each other each under two different trees. He turned to me looking sad, "my girl friend broke up with me." I didn't want to pressure him to talk about it. Cause that could cause someone to relive the hurt when it's not needed. So I looked at him softly and said, "let's just lay here together."

Yep those are some of the vision and dreams I've had while connected to my twin flame. I'm clairaudient so I talk to him when he visits me.

One of the time I remember hearing my twin flame say something to me was one afternoon I was sprawled out on the couch and I heard a males voice whisper, "my girlfriend." I was confused and asked him, "who is?" he responded, "you are." I was shocked. Then I started being unsure if I was okay with this. I was freaking out. So one morning I was walking back to my condo from taking out the trash and I felt him walk up to me. I felt an energy based hand on my shoulder and I heard him whisper, "I won't force you into anything."

In summer 2014 I was keeping my dad company while he set up his camping trailer. Him and my mom were going camping that summer. Later I decided to head inside. So I walked away telling my dad I was going back inside. I headed down the sidewalk, when suddenly I felt some sort of energy grab hold of my hand and my arm lifted up by itself without me moving it. I knew I couldn't of moved it. Plus I felt as if someone was walking beside me. I believe it may have been my twin flame at the time.

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eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-12-06)
so I know I've posted this link to my blog on my other story. But I've done some work on my blog and it's writings about my psychic experiences and I have some new ones. I know I can't post some of them here because I have so many stories already and they don't always get added here. So I thought i'd share my blog link. All I share on my blog are my psychic experiences. Sorry if I've posted this more than once I just want to add the link to my blog on some of my stories.

Magickyg413 (8 stories) (96 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-27)
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-10-23)
finaquarain [at]

Yep that's my email:) my twin flame just entered my condo. I felt his presence enter my living room:)
paristata (1 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-23)
What is your email address, yes he was very famous and still very famous after hes been gone for 38 years
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-10-23)
Hahaha I totally spelled my message all funny:p! I'm a dork!
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-10-23)
That's so awesome:)! Yeah aradon poked me last night. I felt him reading over my shoulder when I read your comments last night and he poked my arm several times:) I wrote a blog about my experiences with my twin flame. He was a famous poet. From the sounds of it yours was yours in famous too;) email me if you'd like. I'll fully believe you:)
paristata (1 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-23)
Eleiriel your experiences are amazing and pretty much what I go through, right now I feel him playing in my hair, awesome!
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-10-23)
well I waited for him and I didn't want a physical relationship in this life so I never was with another man in a sexual way. I wanted true love and that's what twin flames are. A lot of times they run from each other when they meet, but mine didn't. But that's my twin flame connection that's what I had to do to get him to stay. Not every twin flame couple has to go through that. Every twin flame connection is unique for each twin flame couple. Not all couple run from eachother for the same reasons. I don't believe that you have to be out of a relationship to have your twin flame hanging around. It's just for my connection with my own twin flame I had to do that. I know this sounds odd but when he first came to me I had almost succeeded in ending my life because of abuse I went through as a teen and child. Then I felt his presence standing at the foot of my bed, watching me. I hid under my covers from him, cause at the time I didn't know who or what he was. He could of been the boogie man for all I knew. Joking. Anyway it's a little strange to me that I lost my V to him in spirit. He pounced on me for nonstop from august 31st 2013 to February 2014. So yes it was weird. But I've grown accustomed to weirdness. Angels have appeared to me several times and spirits mess with my furniture. Though they did do a nice thing form me and rewind my movie to my favorite scene that I missed when I had left the room to get a glass of water. Spirits roll around in my spinny chair one time I caught them rolling the chair in front of me.
Magickyg413 (8 stories) (96 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-22)
How do you get to meet your twin flame so easily? How did you do it?:) I'm very curious and I love your stories:)

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