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Extremely Weird Dream, What Does This Mean?


I'm Lowkey. My dream started with me going to see a medium at a crystal shop. I was just looking around at first and I just started talking to him and booking a private reading session. I left the shop and ended up going to a theme park styled place where I came across this unusually looking man called the undertaker, he was about 6'10 in height but he wasn't scary. He was very happy and cheerful. He had a lot of security around him and I wasn't aloud to talk to him, therefore the consequences of my actions were the death penalty. Someone put me on the death penalty list and he said something like "it's either you or me who's going to die and it ain't going to be me" and he walked off. I noticed there was a part of the board he placed my name on that fitted a part of a skull in a library, so I placed the piece on the skull and it sealed itself and I woke up.

This is one of the most unusual dreams I have ever had and I have absolutely no idea what it meant. Was it my spirit guide trying to contact me somehow? If anyone would like to decipher this strange dream I would be thankful. I have actually met the medium in my dream in reality and I had a very interesting reading with him. I would love some feedback and any suggestions on what I should do? The night before I had a dream about a woman in my past and a boat on the beach. When I was on holiday I had 6 dreams in a row. Ever since late August this year I have been experiencing these strange dreams and I would like to know if anybody else has experienced dreams like these as well?

Love and Light

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gabzz96 (guest)
8 years ago (2016-04-29)
A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was in the woods of some type and that I came across a pond. And in that pond there was a headless horse. I remember thinking, I wonder how he got in there because obviously he wasn't able to get out of it. As I stood behind a tree watching it, I also saw a man clothed in white floating in the water facing down. But his body was glowing. I don't know what that means, because it sure spooked me out a bit.
vardogr (9 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-09)
well I once heard that in dreams, everyone you meet is a projection of yourself. So if its your friend for instance its a projection of yourself in that person or parts of how you relate to them. (That is not to say that other phenomena may not also be happening in dreams). Speaking to the undertaker, maybe he was part of your ego or part of your identity. As if you were fragmented in the dream and parts of you are in conflict.

When you fitted your name piece to the skull in the library that is another symbol of readjustment that goes along with fragments finding their place in your framework and archives. The library that makes you. Hopefully what I said helps you identify better with the symbols you came across.

Alot of interesting symbols. I hope more people respond. It's good to look outside yourself with dreams because others are unbiased and this helps them to see details you may overlook with either bias or lingering emotions from the dream.

Interesting dream. I hope it continues for you.

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