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I Don't Have To Turn Around To Know You're There


My parents started very low. Meaning their parent's didn't give them much to start with. I spent the first 2 or three years of my life in the upstairs half of a two family house. My dad was a programmer with dedication that outshined anyone else and a brain that was unlike any other. My mother was quickly climbing up the corporate ladder in the world of Human resources. We bought our own house and when my brother was born we moved into a nice area. The schools were some of the best in New Jersey and we were living in the same town as doctors and lawyers.

When we moved into that house, it felt clean, new. I looked at the walls and knew that they were painted only a few months ago, I looked at the floors and knew that this wasn't easy for my parents to afford. I didn't think much of it. I thought that's what anyone would feel.

Well my parents began arguing. The lifestyle that they spent over 8 years building up to was never enough for my mom and she grew hateful. When I was there. I developed a fear for the dark. I used to turn off the light by my door and run as fast and silently as I could to my bed where I really felt safe. I FELT someone watching me. I could sense that someone was there. The older I got, the stronger the sense got. To the point where I could see the person. Tall and skinny wearing a black suit and a top hat.

My parents divorced and my mom, brother and I moved to the familiar surroundings of a modest 2 family. From night one in this house, I was no longer scared of the dark and I began to wonder if what I have been experiencing was more than just a childhood fear.

I was also very good at understanding people. If someone came to me for help or something, I understood what about their situation was making them feel what. Meaning I understood how they were feeling almost as well as they did just from looking at them. I began to wonder if I could do that for a similar reason to why I thought I was affected by ghosts. I put a lot of effort into really focusing on people, trying to read them. By the time I was about 12 I had developed a premonition. Now I just knew things. I could look at a fold up table leaning against a wall at school somewhere and I would think to myself that a guy with grey hair and who looks a little like a bowling pin is going to pick up that table, and walk down a certain hallway. And soon enough, it would happen. I could look in a crowd of people and feel the emotions weakly of one or two people or I could feel the general area they are standing in. I also knew what to say and what not to say to people. I could never explain why but I just did.

When I turned 17 everything went crazy. By now the premonition became much stronger. Now whenever I was at a stoplight and I focused very intensely on the streetlight and really blocked everything else out. I could tell the exact instant the light would turn green. Now I could not only feel almost everyone's emotions (Though most were too faint to understand very well) I could see them. I always called it their presence. The big ones looked like a wispy thin smoke emanating from someone's skin and evaporating out of sight. Small ones kind of looked like water evaporating off a person's body when they step out of a hot tub.

It wasn't just people, I could see it coming from some objects. I could look at someone's watch and immediately say to myself "Emotionally, that is very important to the owner, I bet it came from an uncle they wish they were closer to in some way" Or I could see a backpack and see just pure selfishness emanating from it.

Then I became aware of my own "Presence" I figured out how to manipulate it (Or at least I'm pretty sure I did). As I began to want to find other people who can do what I do, I tried to develop tests to find people who are sensitive to this channel of senses. Something I used to do was find people in a crowd and try to make them look in my direction by trying to speak to them telepathically (Which I don't think ever actually worked) or what worked the most was try to change my presence to something as noticeable as possible. People looked but I was never fully convinced it was for the reason I was looking for.

Anyway, there is much more, that I think would be cool to ad but I think if anyone cares or even believes me, they will ask questions. There's much more to my story so if you're interested, maybe I'll take the time to write the non-abridged story of my life.

What I really want is to hear from other people with similar abilities. I'm scared because for the last year all of these things I could do very easily are beginning to become much more difficult for me to do and I don't know why.

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Nanabug0508 (5 stories) (17 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-29)
I do some of the same things you describe although I'm older and for most of my life I have not told many about senses that I have. I too can look at you and feel what's happening before you speak to me. When I meet someone most of the time I know exactly what they are about and mostly I have been right.

I have had dreams and then all or in part will pass just as I dreamt. Also I have had this one dream since I was a teenager of my death. I know where it is at and who I am with and it's a auto accident where we slide off into the murky depths of a lake. I drown. I avoid this place at all costs.

Some say I have a sixth sense. I have dejavu alot. I don't hear spirits or what not but I see shadow people all the time. I have dealt with a couple of very negative instances that I had no clue how to handle.

I also have those feelings of something bads going to happen. Last week it kept happening and I didn't know what but my cousin passed suddenly. I can be in a very up beat happy way and the next thing I know I'm picking up on someone else whose really angry or sad. I have some empathic abilities.

I too am just learning about the world of psychic abilities. I was raised in a very strict religious home and they would not have allowed me to express these things. Many blessings to you and I certainly hope you find amswers.
Luna_star1016 (33 posts)
6 years ago (2015-11-27)
Also with feeling someone watching you when you were younger it could of been a lost soul or even a demon watching. Beisdes being scared of it did you feel negative energy coming form it?
Luna_star1016 (33 posts)
6 years ago (2015-11-27)
Hello telekinesispotato what you say, you have been experiencing is actually commen to start developing when someone starts to see things differently in the world (more spiritual like).

Feeling people's emotions in other words it's being empath it's an ability that is commen to start developing. Everyone has it it's just a matter of how much you start to develop it and actually notice it.

Also if I could ask what exactly do you mean by your presence?.

Sincerely Luna Star

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