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Confused With What I'm Feeling


4 years ago, I had 2 of my friends pass away in a car accident. They were thrown out of the car from the sunroof. It was October, halloween month, so we have haunted trails here. I was dropping my sister off and on my way back home I started getting antsy. I'm never nosey when it comes to accidents but this feeling I had kept making me want to go. I drove on the opposite side of the freeway where the accident was and headed to my friends and I kept pleading with him to go with me to see this accident. I told him I need to go and see, I want to know if they're ok. The next morning I got a call saying that both my friends had died on the scene. I never had such an intense feeling like that.

As weird as it sounds, I work at a mortuary. 2 months ago, I had someone I loved pass away. My ex lost control of his motorcycle, fell unconscious and a lady ran over his head. I'm thankful he felt no pain and I feel for the woman who hit him by accident. But a month before this, I had a huge fear of dying. But not just dying itself but something happening to my head. A car would pull up next to me and I could almost cry from being so scared of getting shot in the head. This feeling stuck with me until the moment he passed. Since my ex got ran over and his face was completely caved in, I can't help to wonder if that's why I had this feeling. I haven't felt like this anymore.

My ex and I have a mutual friend who told us she'd see people who have passed. The moment he died, she came to me and told me, "I've never felt a presence so strong try to talk to me and it's only with you and I can't stop staring at you... Its your ex and he wants me to tell you he loves you with all his heart and what happened was going to happen either now or later." That night I was so tired from not sleeping from hearing the news that after 3 days I finally slept. But that night I would wake up and then try to sleep and wake up so fast. It happened for 2 hours until I turned around and said "I know it's you and I really want to sleep so please stop" it stopped. But when that happened at 230 am, his cousin told me at 230 am things were falling in his house and saw his cousin outside the window. He ran outside and didn't find him.

Another feeling I get is random things that I need to do. I kept thinking of a nail in the tire and 3 weeks later it happened or my oil completely empty and I have no leaks and I check it and sure enough I'm right. Bad feelings with getting pulled over even before I see the cop. I'm not a judgmental person, to each their own, but I can tell immediately if I won't like someone. I don't like people who are sneaky or have bad intentions. I can sense if someone doesn't have good intentions and I refuse to be friends with them even after I tell my friends I don't like them and why they never believe me but in the end, I'm right. They'll stop talking to that person because they finally see what I saw in them.

I've always welcomed spirits and I've never been afraid to see anyone or talk to whoever has passed. I just want to know if the things that are happening have some sort of connection or if how I feel towards people is ok or if I'm just losing it or being jealous. I'm not one to have all eyes on me. I don't like that at all so I doubt it's jealousy.

If anyone could please help me and figure this out, I would greatly appreciate it.

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empathdreamer (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-16)
Hi Nadia0802

Your story sounded very interesting. It sounds like you are empathic and psychic. You can predict what is going to happen before it does. You have premonitions about people and occurrences. That is a gift. However, in order for you to understand it better and not let it affect you, you need to look up books on your gift. It will help you how to control it from taking over you emotionally and physically. I major in psychology am an empath and can sense spirits. I also have a good feel for people and see them as they really are, (from the inside). That is what guides you, (intuition). Listen to it and educate yourself better by doing research and reading. I just recently started "sensing" feelings while I slept. I picked up what my boyfriend was thinking about when he was up and could not sleep, while I was sleeping and I had a nightmare about it. Since then, my abilities are opening more and I don't know who or what is trying to contact me. I see a white mist and I am hesitant to look when I see it so I close my eyes and try to go to sleep. It happens every morning between 2 to 4:30 a.m. I hope you find the answers you're looking for.:-)
nadia0802 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2015-12-04)
i just don't know if what I'm feeling is some kind of precognition? My head was hurting 3 weeks before my ex passed and I had a fear of people getting near me, especially cars. I had a feeling someone was going to kill me. When my ex passed away that feeling went away. But a coincedentally enough my ex got ran over on his head. Does that have anything to do with what I felt? The day before he passed I saw a white owl fly right in front of my car and stare into me. They say white owls are messengers of death. Was that connected to him?
PathR (4 stories) (1269 posts)
6 years ago (2015-11-26)
When we have family who have friends. A love of our life or property. There is an energetic connection. Within their Aura and ours we feel danger and activity. This registers on our radar -adrenalin (flight/fight/fear/Death/doom).

I have experienced this with our eldest when death knocked at her door. All people in a vehicle were killed except one. This is the vehicle my child had been scheduled to travel. But I stopped her.
I experienced a similar experience 1-2weeks and it was her boyfriend. It was a call from a Trauma unit.

It is said the dead visit us after departing. Normally this is a few weeks after they die. It takes a lot of energy for a deceased soul to move items. But I have experienced this also. Reasons vary.

When we preview things before they happen this is called precognition. See it before it occurs. In the last few days I have seen this for a co-worker will have opportunity to be a Specialist nurse and will be contented in the future. Today I needed access to obtain a copy but saw an individual would block me before this occurred. I still was able to get what I needed by moving around situation. I see this as a clear picture in my head. It is like looking at a snap shot. It is very clear.

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