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This is a collection of dreams I have had over the years that maybe past life related. I have listed them in order of time, from what appears to be the first to the latest.


This dream began very different from my normal dreams that being it started in complete and utter darkness in nothingness. What even made it stranger was the feeling of nothingness, the complete lack of any thought, body, etc. The best way I can describe it as is getting into a deep trance, (but even then you have some form of thought, here there was none). Then all the sudden I began to gain a very primitive form of thought and form, like coming into existence. From here, I heard a voice asking me things I wanted even though I didn't know what they were, and from those questions I formed a body. After this point, three women appeared in front of me, and I was told to choice one. Here, a walk amongst them, of which two stood out to me, a pale blonde girl and a tan brunette one. The reason being I felt a connection to both of them; I did not even notice them being female or think anything of it. Here, I went back and forth between the two and almost choose the tan one but for some reason I choose the pale one. The best way I can describe it was, the tan one felt similar to me, but the pale one felt like something that was missing from me.

After this point, I was then suddenly shot down, in a tunnel of light onto a planet, which had no sun, moon etc. Something odd although happened, I felt something being inserted into my soul for the lack of better terms in the heart charka area. The weather on the planet was moderate, and for the most part appeared to be a meadow with only plants, no animals nor insects. I arrived there, with the pale girl I choose and we really didn't interact, we didn't know how to, so instead we wondered around staying close to each other. Eventually we ran into other pairs like ourselves, 5 pairs in total, including the tan girl from before, who was paired off with another male. Here, we just kind of existed for awhile just figuring out what things were. That was until an urge hit me, an un-describable hunger/massive impulse originating out of the heart chakra area that caused me to kill the girl I was paired with. Killing her although only made it worse, the desire for more and more lead me to go after the others. Some of which seemed to have similar things occur to them although not in terms of killing each other, but fighting and arguing with each other. Anyway, I went on killing a few more, one or two, as well as getting two of the ones on darker paths to join me. But, we were eventually stopped by the remaining ones and were killed by them, with me it was a spear through the heart. Once died, I appeared above my body which I saw laying on its side on the ground covered in blood, before being stuck up through the tunnel again. While being pulled away back to the darkness I came from I saw the planet I was on, pretty much vaporize into nothingness. It was dark for a short time after this and then there was a bright flash and all sorts of planets and galaxies appeared, and I was once again shot forword.


Another dream I had, started in the Middle East in a small village made out of clay buildings. Here, I was walking amongst a group of people and talking to what appeared to be my friend as we walked to a gathering area, which was similar to a Rome outdoor theater, but fairly small in size. We sat down and began to talk about the person who was about to talk; we basically said he was another wacko and that we were going to mock him when he fails, and basically made fun of him for claiming to be a prophet. We stopped talking when he appeared, he was an average size man, and had a reddish tan (although he was also a little lighter skinned and sweaty). He also had brown hair and a long beard. He also had a couple of wrinkles under his eyes which were brown in color and around his mouth. He also had a mole (it was the same color as his skin and only noticeable as is was raised up a little) on his face that was off to the left of his face. Its location was above and to the left of the lip, and on the lower left hand side of his face. He wore a turban that was an off white and color that also had a light blue gray color in the middle and coming off to the right over his shoulder. He also wore a robe made out of similar colors that being it was mainly white but and a blue-grey strip going down the middle on either side. And to conclude what he looked like, he wore the common sandals of the era.

Anyway, he began talking and we listened for awhile before I said, "And what do you have to back what you say?", "You claim and claim but you offer us nothing beyond your own words". He became quiet at this point, and said, "If Jesus was to appear would you believe me?" We than began to mock him and he remained silent, and all the sudden a bright light flash and Jesus formed beside him. Needless to say, we were stopped dead, in a state of shock. Jesus, himself, was also Middle Eastern in appearance, somewhat like the classical Jesus, just tanner, and was wearing a light rob as well as giving off light. Here, the two of them began to talk to us, and basically confirmed what was said. We listened, without question, until he finished and Jesus vanished into thin air. After this, my friend and me approached the man, and asked for his forgiveness for questioning him and I also volunteer to help him. The dream concluded at this point.


This dream started in a small room; it had an old fashion glass window (the top is solid glass while the roll up part was three smaller planes separated by a dark brown wood), there was a no ceiling light or a small unnoticeable one, a cabinet made of wood and about four levels high, in the room there was also a wood chair with a cushion on it, a full body mirror, a small plain bed with a thin mattress, looked like one of those old fashion ones, it also had a blue sheet and a small worn pillow. Finally the floor was wooden, basically a pretty plain old fashion looking room. Anyway I woke up and stretched, I was wearing boxers and a white undershirt, and I walked around the room and looked out the window. Outside it was green and spring like there was a lot of a pine trees in a wall like a side of a forest and very green grass. Anyway I was on the second floor of a farm house sense next to me was a barn, white in color with a green black roof, down below there was a few pigs and other animals, it was slightly muddy and there was a small feeder with some hay in it.

After that I looking outside I went and got my clothes off the top of the cabinet. They were brown and what not, anyway I put on my pants and my shirt. Then when buttoning it up I looked in the mirror to see if I looked good and I was Hitler, yet it didn't affect me I just keep buttoning up my shirt, and messed with my hair a little. Then a group of people (a look alike, a short guy in glasses and a grey shirt, a tall skinny guy, and a few others all in military suits) came in and we started joking around and talking about the Russians and what to do, but I wasn't listening for the most part just kind of joking around. Then we left the house walked out to the cars and drove towards the city in the distance. Then I woke up but I feel asleep again, where the dream started with me leaving in an aircraft looking down and seeing people fighting the streets. I actually remember clearly a German solider getting hit in the face with the butt of a Russian rifle, on the outer parts of the town/city. I was upset angry, since I had failed not only my people but myself. Then it jumped again and I was back at the city and this time with a candle light ceremony going now was I promised to a few other people that I would kill a 1000 of them for every one of our dead and it ended, with that promise.

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holdyourbreath (6 stories) (38 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-12)
That makes sense to me. That is also what I base mine on is that indescribable feeling, but I have also confirmed that I have leaned things I would never have known if not for my special dreams. By what you are saying, if these were past life dreams they would likely be your past life as you see yourself in any reflection... Of course like you said they could be just a dream... Personally I think you can travel places not many can. Cool! Thanks for sharing.
Zin (guest)
7 years ago (2015-12-10)
Maybe, that is the difficulty of it all, they might be past lives, but they can just as much be dreams. The reason why I separate these from other dreams I have, is the detail and nature of them. The reason why I point to the past life matter on these dreams is I had years ago but still remember them as if they had last night. There is other things, such as not knowing who I am in them until I see a reflection of myself and as well as a linear pattern, i.e. There was no jumping around in them. But, probably what is most interesting to me, is the feeling from them, which is hard to explain, except that they felt different than normal dreams.
holdyourbreath (6 stories) (38 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-05)
Oh I forgot I wanted to ask if you believe these are your past lives or someone else's? I have experienced what I believe is both.
holdyourbreath (6 stories) (38 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-05)
Wow it sounds similar to what I experience how you describe your dreams. Thank you for sharing, I haven't come across much info or people's stories believing it is a past life memory.

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