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Thoughts On Past Life Dreams


Starting around the age of 16, I have had a handful of dreams only 4 that I am sure are visions of my past lives. They had a different feeling to them than normal dreams did. I have always dreamed in color so that is not what gave me the feeling. First dream at 16 in my dream I was myself at my then friend's house. I watched myself walk through a wall. On the other side I realized I was in a different place. I also noticed that I was me but I was NOT me. My perspective in these dreams is always from inside the body like I am wearing someone's skin. First thing I noticed is that I was a man instead of a woman. I was outside on a sunny day in a desert. My skin was dark and tan, my build muscular. I felt strong and healthy. I was wearing a plain white skirt sandals and a bare chest. I walked into a large stone building but in my mind I knew it was a temple. Inside I walked until I got to a wall with writing on it. It was a bunch of symbols but I understood that it was a calendar. I then stepped through the wall and was again myself in my friend's home. Everything in the dream felt real like I was really there experiencing that moment in time. I could even feel the sun warming my skin, the breeze, and the sand in my toes.

Many years later I met a close friend who is a gifted psychic. We became instant friends our first meeting. It was like we were old friends picking up where we left off. I had never told anyone about my dream in case they thought I was loony. One day she calls me and said she had to tell me about an astral projection experience she had because it had something to do with me. She said she had astrally visited ancient Egypt in the form of a falcon. While she was flying around she saw a man standing near the entrance of a building. She started describing the scene and the man and I realized she was describing my dream to the last detail. She saw up to where I was looking at the calendar but instead of walking through the wall she said I turned my head and made eye contact with her as the falcon. She said I then got startled by the presence of a falcon in my temple studying me so intensely and the vision faded away. She said she didn't know why but she felt she had to tell me about it. So I told her about my dream at 16 and how I felt one of my past lives was in ancient Egypt. She said she believed that I was correct.I'm much stronger with sensing, and feeling things. I do not usually see spirits with my eyes or hear them speak but she does clearly. I have never been able to speak to or see my guides directly. I think they communicate to me in my dreams. Later she was able to contact my guide and speak to her. She said her name is sounds like (Tee-ma-quep-tay). She said something like I was a mortal descendant of the god Amun-Re. I think that is more a reference to my soul's first incarnation being during that period of history in Egypt.

Together my friend and I have shared details from other similar dreams and discovered we have incarnated in at least 3 lifetimes together. We both had dreams about the same event from the perspectives of 2 different people. One as an Inuit (eskimo) I was a toddler lost in a blizzard, she was my mother and rescued me on a dogsled. In another we lived in the period in the U>S with witch paranoia. We were sisters who had been accused of witchcraft due to our psychic abilities. We were chased through the forest at night by an angry mob. By morning we had been captured and were punished by hanging. They hanged us by throwing us off the roof of a barn. These are the only dreams I believe are past life dreams because they all have that unique feeling of living a moment. I am able to recognize myself inside the other person. Has anyone else been shown past life images? What are your experiences and what is it that leads you to believe it is a past life event? I am also very proficient in lucid dreaming and these dreams are very unique to each other. I'm also curious if I somehow astral projected myself back in time to those moments in order to see them while I was asleep but then how would I be in first person perspective? So many questions.

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darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-17)
I am a Atheist that does not believe in life after death but I believe more in reincarnation but even then I still do not know if reincarnation is real. But I do want opinions to see if people believe in reincarnation or the afterlife.
holdyourbreath (6 stories) (38 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-16)
Wow this was an amazing read! I agree these are likely past lives. I believe that some can choose who they incarnate with so it is not shocking to me that you say you have had past lives together.

I am so glad you shared this, I can relate. I have experienced lucid dreaming on many occasions. Two of those I believe are past life memories. Which may be why you see it in first person, it is more like a memory than travel through astral projection?

The first dream I was an Asian lady trying to hide in swampy waist deep water that was like a lake shrouded by shoots of green and some trees that protruded from the bits of land spread around. It looks exactly like Vietnam wetlands if you care to search some images.

In this dream I am hiding from the same people as me, native to the area. It is around the 1960's - 70's I know. I have something I am using to kind of float with through the swamps, nothing special but it feels like a security item more than anything. Being in such a large mass of wetlands is over whelming. I have a couple people with me but we don't really talk besides discussing next action plan of where we should move on to so we are safe. It seems that is what these people do, they are looking for people who have fled to the wetlands. I had these specific feelings. The people looking for us are using some kind of boat to navigate the wetlands. I spend what is about a full day eluding these guys before I wake up. Can't describe it but something very real & intense about the dream.

Second dream I believe is of the same lifetime, I am an Asian woman again and I am walking up to a row of half demolished houses in what appears to be a middle class residential neighbourhood in a city, or used to be anyways. The houses look like a bomb had dropped, literally because of the way they were missing one half of the house or the roof or whatever. I am also in shambles looking like I rolled out from under a rock. Dirty, tired and a little beat up. Scared, I remember feeling scared and not trusting of others. Again this is taking place around 1960-1970ish.

I walk up to a house I recognize as mine, I go inside to examine what is left. I feel sad with the loss of my house, it is clearly not liveable anymore. I quietly sneak in past the rubble and up the stairs to the second floor. I also feel a loss of some kind relating to my child, not a death loss but maybe my child is just elsewhere. As I am reflecting in my house I hear some voices, I cower in the closet not trusting whomever is entering my house. I realize it is teenagers, they are wrecking more of the already trashed house. I made a noise, they heard me and start to leave. I then wake up from my dream.

I had my friend do a past life reading on me the other day and the card that I chose was Asian.
I believe I was either south Vietnamese or Cambodian in a recent life that took place in the time of the Vietnam war that ended with the fall of Saigon. I believe me hiding in the wetlands was me hiding from guerillas. These assumptions are based on what I saw & felt in the dreams. I knew in the dreams it wasn't current me, but I knew it was me. My current beliefs are also on par with what the Vietnamese typically follow, I am not really religious but I can relate to Buddhism & Taoism of anything. I also really like the food, I can't live without rice! It is just mostly that feeling of it being real like I experienced it and the small details of how the water felt as I waded through or the smell of the wetlands or the feeling of the plants there. I have never been much into history or war or anything relating to my dreams of being Asian, but I just know when I know. Other dreams I feel different about I have been able to support with fact, so I know this feeling I just haven't found the facts to prove it yet!
Nero96 (1 stories) (8 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-16)
I'm new at this stuff but I think I can relate. I had three dreams total that were with the same person but different time periods. The first was sometime in the medieval or crusades, unfortunately I was a prisoner of some kind but found a blonde woman. Not going to say everything but I later saw her in another dream but in modern times. I'm going to leave it up to speculation but yeah, you could be seeing your past lives.

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