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Am I Having A Psychic Awakening?


To start off. Ever since like 2 years ago I've been having really vivid dreams, I can remember every detail in the dream. In my dreams I think I've went to places where dead people are. And I think I've even saw my dead miscarried son in my dream telling me everything will be okay when me and my twinflame weren't talking and it was my twinflame baby until this day I didn't tell him I miscarried his child. He came to my dreams twice, I haven't seen him since.

I always get the feeling in my body like I don't belong here and when ever I look into the mirror I question who am I why am I here and I get scared. When I ever I think of God how he came to be to make us it scares me also. I think I have been having past life dreams also and also have a lot of deja vu.

I've been having dreams but they didn't feel like dreams I was awaken I felt like I was floating over my bed. This sleep paralysis has been happening since I meet my twinflame. I can feel him his thoughts I can even feel when he's about to call me or text me. We've had been making love on a spiritual level astral projection. I could here his voice his touch. I've also been seeing 11:11 A LOT LATELY.

Another thing is I have been having visions lately the last one I had was about red balloons Does anybody know what that could mean? I've also been hearing a voice recently about two days ago telling me to wake up or other thing's I couldn't make out. Is it my spirit guide coming through closer and closer. I have seen a shadow move around my room before. My grandmother has psychic dreams and my dad has seen spirits before. I was just wondering am I having a psychic awakening are my abilities becoming stronger? Has anybody else had these experiences and what has happened to you? Will my abilities become stronger?

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cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-11)
mary95, hi, when you see 11:11 a lot I believe it's a sign that you'll soon meet your soul mate. Or so I've heard. God sent you here for a purpose and you're here for a reason that you may not even understand. The person telling you to wake up might mean to look at the world for what it really is. I've had many experiences like this and you need to train and practice your abilities to make them easier to handle. I'd love to talk to you more and help you with your abilities if you want here's my e-mail: rainashea16 [at]
Gabbie (55 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-06)

One's spiritual awakening, and capacities, differ from one another and unfold on a different pace and form each time.

Everyone has the same potential to develop the same abilities. With proper guidance and training, anyone can learn to manipulate energy and control their gifts and possibilities.

Start small, with meditation. It will allow your mind to broaden, yourself to explore within its own limits, and your energy to slowly grow stronger and more intense. You need peace of mind and control of your emotions and thoughts, to manage and handle the great amount of possibilities and knowledge gained.

As for the dreams over your miscarried child, I believe maybe it is a weight, dwelling still within your subconscious, and deep soul. Do you consider yourself responsible for what happened?

If you wish to know more or discuss further, feel free to reach me through my email. I have it up on my profile.

Talk soon.

PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-03)
You sound like a sensitive soul and remembering last lives is part of awakening to the essence of our core self.
Much of this knowledge is within us and it is almost as if we are awakening to what we experienced in previous incarnations.

When we sleep our subconscious (spirit essence) is attached to the silver cord. It is said that heaven and the astral plane are very close to earth plane.
There are low dense realms which are like compartments which humans can travel too.

You may wish to connect with your higher self to see what benefit you obtain in Astral sex with the one you title Twin flame as this continued interaction you write about does not contain info of a union of the physical day to day life or a solid relationship.
The concept of astral sex is giving and taking which gives of our essence to the other jt is intact keeping you connected to that individual if only on that level and does not allow you to receive creators highest. Sorry if I am missing something's. Only giving info response to what is posted.
DavidRa (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-02)
I've been trying to open my third eye ans become a more spiritual person but I have a question and I don't know who to ask, so I'll ask you.
Every time I meditate or pray, I feel a tingling sensation in my left upper back, sometimes it's reakky strong and I would like to know what it mean.

Any ideas?

TylerR1996 (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-29)

I get the exact same thing! I started getting seriously vivid dreams and the sleep paralysis was just getting out of control. I'd be in sleep paralysis and see a dark figure standing by my door.

As for the red. I see red visions all the time! I'll shut my eyes and see random things if red. Red glowing lights. Anything at all! If you look it up there are meanings of all different colours that you see.

If you look at my account and read my experience you'll probably get more of an understanding:)

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