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Things Happening To Me


My stories go like this I have had many weird things happen to me at different times I have had an experience with lights and light rods, out of body experience and time stopping in its tracks and my name being called and other people hearing this but no one was there.

My first experience with lights rods was when I was visiting my sister, I was sitting having a cupp of tea when I felt the room become very static, like when you go into a tv shop and you can feel the rays of the screen, at the time when I felt this I saw these two light rods dart across the floor they were about an inch apart and the lenth of a ruler. They were gone as quick as I looked at them.

Second story was when I was in bed lying on my back, I suddenly woke to wide awake mode and I saw the ball of orange light float just above my chest, it was the size of a football then got smaller the more a stared at it, the ball of light darted up away into my ceiling, the next few weeks same thing happened again only I'm lying on my side, I couldn\'t sleep this night I opened my eyes to see this deep red shape looking right at me, it was about 10 inches away from me, it was like a 50pence piece shape and the size of large grapefruit, I could see a face in the light but it wasn\'t a human face it had two small black circles for eyes a triangle nose. I watched this watching me for ages, I thought it was my imagination but what freaked me out is my husband jumped up out of bed looking over at me and shouted what the f%^k is that red light. I turned to him as he jumped up and when I turned back the light was gone. I have no idea what this means.

My out of body experience was strange too, this day I was so unwell I didn't know hat was wrong with me but I could hardly walk, I tried phoning my mum to come over to help me but I collapsed onto my couch, all of sudden I'm standing looking at myself collapsed on the couch, I was in the room alone though, I saw this angel what I could describe as a golden lady, I was frozen to the spot anll all I could move were my eyesshe looked me me standing then looked at me lying on the couch, I had no urge to get back into my body the thought never even enterd my mind, scary when I think about that, anyway this golden lady flaoted past me and stood at my head where I was lying and held out her hands just above me. She never said a word then looked over at me standing, the next thing I know I have wakened up and I\'m better. I was wtf just happened. The next day when I was at work I told the girls what had happened to me, of course they all laughed but just as I finished speaking I saw this white feather land right beside me, when I got home I was walking into my garden when again I saw this white feather rush into my gate circle right around me the dissaper right in front of my eyes.

This time stop was weird, this was about 1998 before digital came out, I had been on the phone to my mum I just hung up when I saw a big flash of light fill my livingroom, suddenly everything had stop, clocks stopped tv froze, birds stopped flying in mid air, but I was still going, it only did it for a couple of seconds, again I was like wtf just happened.

Ok last story, I was with my sister in my house, it was just the two of us when we both heard a lady say my name as clear as day, we both stopped what we were doing and said hello, this has happened when I have been driving in my car too, and again my sister was with me when we heard a woman speak behind me.

I really can't make any sense of all of this. I probibly will never know. I'm not scared when things happen either.

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-08)
I get scared too when I see these thing. When I see these strange things I start to pray.
Blessedblonde (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-08)
Started hearing a ringing noise in my dream, as it got higher and progressed, it developed into my real life. I woke up fast when actually hearing this piercing ringing noise. When I opened my eyes it was like I was frozen for a few seconds with my eyes open. I was laying on my side in my pitch black room on my bed. In my view, I saw a black shadow of someone, possibly a man, walking over to me on my bed, it looked like he had his hands over my ears for a second, then he started walking back, started to walk halfway around the other side of my bed, but then went back toward the door. He walked very slowly. When he got back to the door, I gained the ability to move back and quickly flung on my lights next to my bed. I felt their was an actual man in my room. When my lights went on there was nothing. Now I am in shock, heart can't stop racing, and I can't sleep. What does this mean? Am I being haunted? What do I do? Please help
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-05)
I have things like that happen to me. Electronic short out. My microwave died, My washing machine shorted out. My furnace would not work. I have seen orbs flying around.

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