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There Is A Battlefield Of Feelings Around Me


That is the only way I can possibly describe this. It is not like a literal battlefield. It is more like a swarm of feelings, shadows and warm and cold breezes twirling against each other, against me or around me. It is as if these things are fighting each other to get my attention but only when I am alone. Whenever I try to concentrate on one thing like the sudden urge to research something I know nothing about or a simple uncommon feeling, I see something pop up out of the corner of my eye, causing me to disregard the former. Sometimes I can even feel how I am almost forcibly pulled from whatever I am focusing on and it's the twirling all over again.

At some point it got so bad that I was barely able to do my daily work, because I was completely overwhelmed and distracted. That was when I started to meditate. So I would be able to control this impressions or to block out everything if needed.

It's a lot better since then. This 'battlefield' no longer distracts me and I am able to ignore it even though it is always there. I've learned to live with it.

What really disturbs me is the fact that it is not present when I am around people or animals. According to everything I've read so far it should be the other way around. There is this theory I have that people simply 'overwrite' this storm with their own auras (if that is even possible) because, for me, it is far from calming to be in a crowd. There are still different feelings and I am almost always able to know it when someone is happy, angry, stressed out, lying to me or telling me the truth. Sometimes I am even able to predict what someone is going to do.

It is different with animals. I am always calm around them and they seem to like me. It happened more than once that pets that their owners described as 'not to like strangers' were friendly towards me on the first second on.

And as if I am not having enough issues right now, there is that constant feeling of being watched. It started about a month ago. This kind of feeling when someone is standing right behind you, looking over your shoulder, and you can feel the hairs on your neck standing up. However, like the battlefield, is vanishes the moment I am not alone any more.

I know all of this sounds utterly crazy but maybe there is someone who might know what this 'battlefield' is supposed to be or why it's so aggressive (because I am pretty sure that this 'being watched' is linked to it).

It is clearly different from the energies I can feel around animals or people.

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Klarlak (2 stories) (13 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-28)
I recommend you to ask shi tzu123 (sorry for the inconvenience user shi tzu but this site keeps correcting me to shiatzu123). He/she seems to know about these stuff and sounds kind and helpful. And Annea, I experience the same thing like you. However we're kind of different to begin with. I have none of shadows around me when the feelings come. It's more like sudden extreme energy blocks all my senses, almost like attacking me in the core. All feelings become one such as dread, grief, relentlessness, madness and so many more I can't quite describe something like almost all kind of feelings become entirely different thing. Usually my body goes really cold as well and the feeling and urge to scream and escape become too overwhelming to bear. At this state I'm no longer able to think, all my mind quickly begins to fade away, all I can do is just to feel. In extreme case, my breath gets hitched as if oxygens trying to get its way out of my body. Really suffocating if you ask me. I think there's several second where I go blind like when the feeling reaches its peak all of sudden I can't remember my surrounding. Either my hypothesis is right or I just barely concious at the moment I'm not so sure about it myself. And the energy seems to repulsed by me maybe that's why I feel its violent attack on my being (merely a rough guess). Contradiction happens when at the same time I somehow feel some part of the energy wants to get in as well. It first started about two years ago when I was 16. It happened when I was in public, one friend of mine asked me if I feel there's something wrong with my eyes I should tell her right away. I didn't understand what she was trying to say and decided to look into mirror myself. I bit freaked out by the fact that my eyes changed color to bright amber. Few hours before I already felt the 'battlefield' but nothing seemed to happen that time. When I found out about my amber eyes I still felt the raging war but somehow it became more tamed and almost sync with my own energy. Sort of. I still felt the urges to run, escape and break free though. The intensity was same as the very first second of the attack but more manageable you could say. For your information, my body temperature and my breath relatively normal then. I didn't get any metabolism change like I do now. Except my eyes. It was the only thing that changed. I did a little research about the stuff and found out that eyes may change due the fluctuation of emotions. I put my trust in it since it's scientific and seems to have many real evidences behind it although it also stated that the change won't be very dramatic and significant as mine. My other reason to trust it is because I can't deny that when the attack happened I suddenly became completely overwhelmed and taken by the intrusive yet foreign feelings. Obviously it fits with the 'fluctuation' description. I have to say that my first experience is the most powerful and raw attack/battlefield I've ever felt. The feelings were just entirely... I don't have words to describe it. Meditation doesn't help so much I think, because the attack is only occasional so even if there's any improvement I won't notice it. I also have distinct feeling that something particular triggers those attacks. However I can't lay my fingers on it still. Everything remains mystery to me until now. Too many questions gone unanswered. I eventually became too tired and decided to give it a break. But it's not the case anymore since I found your post a couple hours ago. Maybe we can hope, find some light and have a closure after all. Anyway I don't really pay attention to people around me. Few things I'm able to do to them is seeing their auras if I try, connect with their thoughts and feelings and kind of adjust and figure their soul out (hard to explain this one because it's completely abstract feeling). Like when someone doing the most unlikely things and out of character deeds I will not be suprised by those instead I will feel familiar and have feeling of always knowing things. I'm afraid I can't really relate with the animals stuff, as for me it's just subtle connection with animals where I can connect with them as I do humans but a more subtle. The last but not least, the feeling of being watched. It started on September last year I can't tell you the full story it would take too much time. In short suddenly I felt a presence, much bolder than ghost's but very bit less than human's. I even mistaken it for human presence at first. I felt it. It intended to kill me. With a curved knife no less. Since then I always know it when they are watching me or in close range with me. I have no idea what kind creatures/beings they are. They bring remarkable amount of dread, sorrow and cold detachment with them. If you're into Harry Potter then closest thing you'll ever relate is a Dementor. It sucks your happiness dry along with some part of your soul and replace it with something unpleasant and awful.
If you or anyone want to share their experience or just want to contact me because of anything, you can inbox me at hborstze [at]
shitzu123 (17 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-25)
Hey Annea,
The "battlefield" of emotions as you described it could be different energies that have attached themselves to your own energy, I am not 100% sure if that's the case, but you could try to cleanse your own energy when you meditate to see if that makes a difference also I would advise you
To shield afterwards, imagine a bubble of light surrounding your body and protecting it from anything bad, trust me it works, as for the feeling of being watched what do you feel when it happens? Does it give you any specific feelings?
If you have any questions or want to discuss this further feel free to leave me a message legit47 [at]
YumeShinigami (guest)
7 years ago (2017-01-09)
I have something similar, but with my thoughts. I get a lot of unwanted thoughts. & it's like someone is invading my space. It's really annoying to deal with.
Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-07)
For a sensitive, they feel unseen energies. Some call them energies of different dimensions.

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