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My Life As A Young Sensitive


I am Taylor. I am soon to be fifteen. I do believe I have some abilities and would like to know what you think. This is my story. I don't remember much from when I was younger. I do remember losing my father at 6 but not much before that. What I do remember is I always knew when something bad was going to happen. I would have a gut feeling and feel sick. The day before the twin towers fell under attack, I felt really sick. I knew something was wrong. The next day the towers crashed. I remember the teacher coming into the class and telling us. I was only in second or third grade. I just remember breaking down crying and everyone looking at me like I was crazy. I have had many feelings like that since then just not as severe.

I also remember seeing and hearing people that were not there. I would hear spirits walking up the stairs at night talking and it would scare me too death. I was so young at the time I didn't know what to think. I tried telling my mom and stepfather but they said we'd just built this house and there was no way it was haunted. I still to this day believe that land had something on it. I think my sister also heard people walking on the stairs.

After my mom and step dad starting having problems, mom, my little brother, and me moved. My sister was old enough at that time to go live with her boyfriend. I remember at times seeing people who weren't there. I was always picking up on people's feelings. I was drained at the time by all the anger and sadness in the air. It caused me to go into a depression. I was only eleven at the time. Certain people and certain emotions still drain me. Sometimes I can even pick up on people's thoughts. Or I will think of someone and they call.

My mom got a new boyfriend and we we're over at his house often. I always felt someone watching me. Eventually we moved in there and I was put in the smaller room. I would hear someone walking up and down the hall at night. They finally moved me to the bigger room and that was a mistake. The feelings of being watched became more severe. The room had two big closets without doors. One of them was where the feeling was coming from. Somehow I always thought it to be a little girl. I was informed sometime later that my mom's boyfriend and his mom had seen her. My mom's boyfriend, though, doesn't believe in ghost so I am not too sure what to think about that.

I remember one time my best friend was over. Usually she can feel things too. I had told her of the haunting and she thought I was joking. She decided to be stupid and started saying, "Come out and play" and things of that nature. She was awoke out of a dead sleep and a little girl was in her face and said "Do you want too play?" My friend was scared after that. My friend stayed for a week I think. Later, she told me she also saw and felt that the little girl was coming from the same closet without me telling her that I felt something there.

When we moved from his house I still felt the little girl around me. She followed me. In a sense, I am like the light that the bugs are attracted too except with spirits. I would be almost asleep and the little girl would whisper to me "you want too play?" This went on for quite a while. It would scare me. She stopped talking to me after I quit responding to her. But sometime later I got a Ouija Board. Yes, I know your not supposed to play with them but my friends and me are dumb teenagers. Anyway, I still felt her around even after we moved again. She started being a little more 'out there'. I would hear her walking around and she would push things off my shelf. At the time she loved to push off my candleholders.

My mom and her boyfriend started getting along again and we started going back to the house were she had originally attached herself to me. My best friend came down for awhile and was going over there with me. My mom's boyfriend also had a son about our age. One night we decided to pull out my Ouija board. The little girl came through but I don't remember exactly what she said. I do remember us having to quit because the little girl touched my best friend... The same best friend she had scared really bad the year before. After that I haven't seen or talked to the little girl.

My mom and her boyfriend decided to get a house together. That house had weird vibe to it but I let it go because I wanted my mom to be happy. (Yes, I pick up on vibes too.) Once we started living there, weird things started too happen... To me. I am the only one who has any sort of sensitivity when it comes too my household. My bathroom, of all places, gave off a very violent and almost a watched feeling. It was horrible, even when you passed it. I tried to blow it off until my best friend came too me and said she felt as if she was being watched in my bathroom. I told her how I had gotten the same feeling. I started hearing things talking and walking around. There were three rooms and that bathroom upstairs. My mom's boyfriend's son, who I'll call my stepbrother, had a room next to mine and across the hall was the office. He saw a black figure in the office one time when he was going to his room.

I felt I had a gift so I started to develop it while living in that house. I had another best friend who I'll call B. B came over too spend the night at my house. She started to do this a lot. I noticed she avoided the bathroom as much as she could. So me knowing the feeling I had, I decided to mention the fact that she avoided the bathroom like the plague. She told me she felt watched and it made her feel uneasy. I told her I got the same feeling. We went on with our business and still avoided the bathroom unless we HAD to go. I think we tried playing with the Ouija board from time to time but we'd feel uneasy even when there were three or four people.

I had always felt that B had some sort of sensitivity also because she had told stories of things in her house and feeling she'd get. I was trying to prove it to her one day. She had come over too spend the night and I was trying hard to get the whole sensitivity thing through her thick skull. She kept blowing it off. Then she had to go to the bathroom. She left my door open slightly. With her fear of the bathroom, she NEVER locked the door. I saw something walking in the hallway and got a really bad feeling. She came running out of the bathroom. She was trying to tell me something and I go "STOP! Did you see something walking in the hallway?" She was like "No but the bathroom door locked by itself and I NEVER lock it". We were freaked out. She did believe she had some sort of sensitivity after that.

We had more weird experience especially with us both deciding too and opening ourselves up to the spirit world and our abilities. I know there were more spirits around but I am only telling about some of the spirits. In that house, a lot of bad things also happened. Our 2-year-old Great Dane/Lab mix got killed while we were living there on my dad's eight-year death date. My mom and her Boyfriend were having a lot of stress at their jobs. Our other two dogs got out and one broke her leg. When we tried moving, the electricity went out for two days... The days we were moving. My mom's boyfriend's mom died and we had to have the service the same weekend we were trying to move. I always felt drained. (I think I also have empathic abilities.)

After we moved we had gone back and clean up the house. I was very drained and feeling extremely sick. I was also thinking of my dad at the time. The electricity was finally back on. (It was only out on our side of the street and the people on the side of the street behind us.) I was cleaning my close out and my lights started to flicker. I knew it was my dad so out loud I said "Okay dad I know you're here" and the lights stopped flickering. I can feel presences and sometimes I know whom they are.

Once we got to the new house weird things started too mess around... With me. The first night we were there I felt very uneasy. When I decided too go to sleep I left my closet light on. In the shadow of the light I saw what looked like some one lying beside me with their head raised. Thinking it was me I moved my head around but the shadow didn't move. I looked around to see if it was something else and couldn't find anything. When I looked back it was gone. I still feel very uneasy in my new house.

One night I was on the computer and I started to hear whispering. I did meditate and try to communicate. This person came through as a four-year-old child named Matthew but someone I trust has told me some things about Matthew I am not going to disclose in this article. Also, I did something to help open myself up a little more. I knew when my sister was calling my mom. I knew who was knocking at our door one day. Today I woke up and was doing what I needed to do. I felt like I needed to get my phone and next thing you know I get a text message.

So I want too know your opinion on my gifts. I want to know if you think there real and in your opinion what gifts do I seem to have. It helps me guide myself and develop.

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TaylorHatesLove (11 stories) (93 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-24)
Taylor (my name is Taylor too! 😜), I am quite alike you. I'm a sensitive and a learning empath, and meditating is really helping me, so I suggest that. You can also try to see if you can see any of the weird vibes you get around you. I hope that helps.

Taylor ❤
punk151551 (1 stories) (14 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-01)
I know my dad's mom has abilities but she doesn't keep in contact with me for some unknown reason
clutz98 (3 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-01)
I think the reasons that your house is "Haunted" because if you are a sensitive they usually come to you I have the same problem, now I feel my house is haunted even though we almost just built a while ago, I think they are real especially if a friend had the same experience.
BrokenPromises (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-01)
well your powers are real I can tell you that... I am a sensitive myself I can sense spirts and I can tell when something is wrong with people ever since I was a little girl soo it isw reliving to know that I am not the only one drop me an email sumtime
psycat (4 stories) (44 posts)
15 years ago (2008-06-30)
It seems that you are EXTREMELY open to these things. Chances are that some of your family has it too. You could try asking them, but for the ghosts you could simply tell them to go away. Most do.
punk151551 (1 stories) (14 posts)
15 years ago (2008-06-30)
It does freak me out at times but you learn to deal with it and develop it! And It's nice to know that it helped somebody!
dolly (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-06-29)
hiya, I have just read your experience. I totally believe that what you say has happened. I'm a sensitive too. But I can't feel spirits well at least I don't think I can. But I can feel people emotions && no exactly what they feel. I have to ask, doesn't it freak youu out? I no its a gift e.c.t. && I have had a for about 4-5years now but I have only resently none what it is all about. Gimme a email sometime on dolly_weird [at]

Speak Later 😊
rachel123 (17 posts)
15 years ago (2008-06-27)
i had almost no clue to what I was until I read this
You sound a lot like me
I believe I'm a sensitive and I know I'm an empath
Im 13 almost 14
Its nice to know what I can call myself because I can sense spirits and I can sense auras but I can't see them like a medium unless they want me to
-Rachel 😁

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