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Is This What Psychics Experience Or Am I Weird


I have been having some very odd experiences in my life and now have the courage to talk about it and I see I'm not the only one. I have tried to share these experiences when I was a youngster but was shamed by many and even put away. So I have been very afraid to share my experiences. I have checked my health and I'm alright, I've checked my hearing and eyes too... Healthy. Yes, I have re-checked my sanity just to make sure there were no mental illnesses going on... No mental illness. When you have these experiences you will think you are losing it. This is quite long so I'll just post the symptoms. Some symptoms I have are: seeing multiple sparkles, headaches (tylenol is useless against), tingling around my head (crown), I have felt like I've walked into a spider web (multiple times), but there's nothing there after I try to sweep it away, cracking or popping sound, loud tone in my ear than a quietness after wards (like my hearing is adjusting), my bed vibrating, but I think it may be my body, a strong pulling sensation in the middle of my forehead (like a congestion) the closer I am the stronger the pull, feeling energy racing towards me or out of me, sometimes I feel unlike myself (like something else has taken over or trying), overwhelming emotions, sudden pains, sudden nausea, answered question that I may ask about someone else, random names, symbols or places will just pop up in my thoughts. One other thing, my dreams are vividly awesome, in my dreams I'm sometimes other people in different eras of time, places on Earth or planets, but I am still aware that I am who I currently am but this is me also. I can also feel physical pain in some of these dreams, but in these particular kind dreams I am having a surgical procedure for some reason. I can even feel how cold the steel table is that I'm laying on and the needles prick. In these dreams, I sometimes have a hard time coming back. The scariest is when I am asleep within those dreams and I awake to go about my day as if its normal. I am only aware because I notice slight, but very obvious differences in myself or my surroundings. When I do finally awake I'm very sweaty and feel like I've ran a marathon. It's very frightening. Please, any help is appreciated and thank you.

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Fitnesstactic (guest)
7 years ago (2017-03-29)
[at] shiatzu123
I would really like to find out more about how to control this more because these things seem to happen randomly. I have been able to ground myself and get protection, this helps tremendously.
shitzu123 (17 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-25)
I understand why you would think you were going crazy, but as you already know you are not. These symptoms as far as I know could be a sign of your abilities coming to surface and the sounds in your head as well as the feeling in the middle of your forehead could be a sign of energy being released, if you are interested in finding out more then you can start by researching about spiritual awakening as for those dreams they could have been memories of your past life, but I am not entirely sure.
I hope this helps you out a little, feel free to message me: legit47 [at] should you have anymore questions in the future.

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