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Trying To Understand If My Visions Are Real


I'm not sure where to begin, so forgive me if this is broken or disjointed. I believe I've always had some level of visions in my life. But it hasn't been until very recently (within the last year) that I've really noticed these things come about. My visions in the past were limited to extreme circumstances (knowing that something big was going to happen at Disneyland one day and finally seeing a girl get beaten by her father - which freaked my friends out or the time I had a horrible feeling and wanted to get home when I was 8 and found out later that a crashing plane flew over where we were or connections to certain people (seeing memories of a friends' past that I had no knowledge of).

Last year a friend of mine passed away. I consulted my psychic (of 14 years) who told me the manner in which he died, which wasn't released to the public until a month ago. But in this session with her she also told me that I had the ability to see birth's and death's and that I had seen his death in April and began a course in my life so that people would be able to say goodbye to him.

I began shortly after that to go ahead with a dream of mine to move to LA. I asked a friend of mine to throw me a going away party at our local hangout and invite some friends. My friend who passed away came out that night and told me that he only came out to see me and say goodbye. Many other people got to see him that night as well and they all thanked me later for my going away - since it was really for him. But he died less than a week later and that was the last time anybody saw him. I didn't stay in LA. It wasn't right, I wasn't supposed to be there and quickly regretted going.

But then over Thanksgiving I had a vision that my paternal Grandmother was going to die in April around her birthday. She and I are very close. My vision came true, she died on April 2 (10 days before her birthday). Well, beside the grief and loss I was very freaked out. I tried to sleep in her bed (as bed space is limited in her house) the night before her funeral and had horrible nightmares that she was in the room with me trying to bring me to the afterlife with her.

Now I'm seeing all sorts of things! Much more than death.

I've been seeing a marriage that my sister is going to have in the next four years (to the day - Aug 11, 2012) and her two future children (thou she's not dating anyone). I'm seeing that the guy I'm dating and I will be living together in the next few months and will be together for a year and a half (though as of Sunday we've taken a setback). Among other things... But I'm also seeing a whole mess of death. One of my best friends I keep seeing passing away in August this year. I see my maternal grandmother dying in October. I see a good friend of mine going in about 9-10 years - much too young.

But then there are things I've felt compelled to tell people. I've recently advised my sister to stay at her job no matter what, even though she hated it, based on what I was seeing. Then she got fired. At least now she gets unemployment, but it's not really what I was seeing.

All of this is compounded as well with a severe knee dislocation that I've suffered. So I'm sitting with all of this information coming at me all the time and no way to validate or truly interpret it. But mostly, I'm afraid of the bad things being true and the good things not being true. How can I truly tell if what I'm seeing is real or not without the waiting game? How can I validate these feelings?

I suppose part of my problem is that it's been mostly feelings in the past and now I'm having visions - which don't always makes sense.

Am I really seeing these things or am I just confused? I know this is a bit long, but pretty vague. Let me know if any of this needs clarification.

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desertgirl30 (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-17)
I have something similiar. I live in LA. Email me, let's compare stories and guide each other. Desertgirl29 [at]
GLS (7 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-30)
Iziel, I went through things like you're describing. Let me share this with you. I found that I was accurate with having the psychic ability, but the details were sometimes off making it appear as if it was just an abnormal way of thinking to others. Later, I find that I was right in it's basis, that there was something to what I was saying. The Zener Cards and the ESP tests correspond with my abilites. It shows a little less than 50% and that's about right for me. That's good enough for me and for the people around me, but to others outside my circles, I don't even try to explain anything. I give them an abstract instead, meaning that if I have a strong feeling about something or see something, I give the highlights of the situation and not the details. Sometimes I take the brunt of being known as crazy. And I don't mind because I know there's something to what I've said, even if people don't what to take alook at it in depth. They always look back and say "hmmm..." I've had the ability for over 20 years and I've found when I have the strong psychic experiences, I need to take the time to really clear my mind afterwards. I calm the compelling feelings to tell someone and gain my composure allowing me to refocus because sometimes I'm a mess. I don't meditate inside, I always need the outdoors, to be able see the world around me and to know that despite what I've just picked up on the world is alright. And if the premonition pertains to a person, place or a situation and the feelings are still with me and I can't shake the feeling, I call whoever is involved because I'm a firm believer of bringing question to things. I've been known to talk about strangers that I've never met and called people that I haven't talked to in years. I never give the full details of a premonition, I just listen and see what's falling in place then I tell them in some way to becareful (or congratulations). Just telling someone heightens their awareness of there own situation of what's going on around them, then they can make the changes they need to make. If I had a premonition about specifically someone having a baby I say "who's having a baby?," jokingly and it's usually the one I knew would, if it's with death and dying, this scares the heck out of me, I tend to either ignore my own feelings or keep calling the person asking if they're alright as if I'm trying to hang on to them as if it's going to prevent something from happening. I had a psychic experience where I was right, 20 years ago and it left scars. Because of this I try not to bring my compelling fear or needs to be secure into play and I have a habit of letting go of people I love, I just say "how's so and so?" or if it's at a site "ohh, what happened here?" My abilites also prompt me to go places or change courses suddenly and that seems odd and it prompts people to ask "what is she doing?" I just say I had a feeling. Kind of like you going to L.A. Suddenly. Sometimes one can't answer the why's, you just know that you have to go (or stay). And I usually return just like you did. But one thing I've found is that I wasn't ever wrong in making the change, just like you weren't wrong in going and coming back. And there's been times where things did happen that I had no premonitions about. I'm sure you'll find that too. All of this was hard to interpret until I viewed my psychic abilities in a generalized way rather than tring to maintain the need for accurate details. And that's O.K., just like you may find, you don't mind your details being off sometimes. It's a relief. Using psychic ability sometimes appears as a life of the abnormal or chaos to others because we're abstracting to see where the premonitions fits in and what it means on an entirely diferent level that what people refer to as normal (it's a different way of thinking with it's own lifestyle). If our details are off there's no clarity other than we know something, we feel something, we see something and if it's really clear, where do you turn, it's not like one can pick up the phone and say "hey, I just got this premonition, are one your planes down?" We have to wait to read the headlines. The general field of science doesn't have the capability to help explain any of this (and their still on 100 year old beliefs with common diagnosies.) As you become familiar with your abilities and your capabilites, you'll find a clamness to it all and an acceptance for a common ground for it all to occur on, such as a spiritual path for your own inner peace or giving readings, etc. What I found to work is that I had to narrow it and find the aspect of paranaormal that interested me the most and once I did that, I found I fit in. My basis of belief is experience brings understanding. I feel you'll be alright.

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