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Scary Vision in Dream State


I have had visions or premonitions nearly all my life. Most of the time I would try to rationalize or dismiss as coincidence a lot of my messages I received. This one though, was dramatic and I could not shake off the feeling that I was supposed to tell someone or warn this person. The problem was I didn't know who I should be warning.

It started like this. I was newly divorced and my daughter and I had just moved into a new apartment. She was 16 and since we only had one car we had to share it so she would drop me off at work, then take herself to classes, then she would pick me up from work and then go to her part time job.

On this particular morning I awoke out of a dead sleep at 4:00 am or so. I was perturbed because my alarm was set to go off at 7:00 am. So, I was laying there willing myself back to sleep and I think I was asleep but I must admit I have never been able to be sure of that.

Suddenly in this dream state I see this black car that is crashed into white poles, like a guard railing. There is a blonde woman standing outside the car. She is positioned at the rear left side of the automobile, and she is looking inside. She had very short blonde hair and was wearing white pants and a black boxy cut blazer type jacket. That was all there was to, for lack of a better term, the dream. I woke up again, and just stayed up. I had a really disturbed feeling. I drove myself to work that day and all through out the day couldn't shake the memory of that vision or what ever it was. I came to the conclusion that the only female I was close to with blonde hair was my daughter, although my daughter had very long curly hair, but we did drive a black convertible and the car the lady stood beside seemed to have no top. So, I told my daughter about the dream and cautioned her to be very very careful over the next few days, weeks, etc.

It was not until in September when I was seeing pictures of Princess Diana in the Paris crash that I became eerily aware of the similarities. The one photo that scared me witless was of Princess Diana and Mr. Fahed leaving the rear exit of the hotel and she was wearing white pants and a black jacket.

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