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Wide Awake Vision


I have not had a pre-cognitive vision of this exact type for a few months but last summer I had several very close together. The difference between what I had happen and just having a vision was that I usually can tell when a thought of something or a visual picture of something, which I call "going to the movies" happens for me. These few occasions I could literally not tell the difference between my vision and then the almost immediate same act happening. If you remember the 80's you must recall the old ad campaign "Is it real or is it Memorex?" That is how these felt to me. So, let me explain one or two so you can understand.

Two of these happened at my work. The area around my work was very highly energized. My friend and I felt and sensed presence all the time. This day I was out at the patio table as normal and I was sitting waiting for my friend to come join me. I was just relaxing and began to people-watch, there was a lot of foot traffic around us. We were in the middle of a quaint small shopping district. I looked up and saw this female, early to mid 20's coming down the sidewalk toward me carrying her coffee. Nothing unusual at all about that. I even noticed her attire. Camel pants, green blouse and really cute sandals. She crossed the street when she reached me. There are a number of coffee shops near us and someone is always walking with their coffee. As, I said just a normal observation, or so I thought.

I would say maybe three or four minutes passed. I was still sitting alone at the table in the same spot. I look up and walking down the sidewalk toward me is the same woman, dressed in the identical outfit, carrying a coffee and she crosses the street to the other side just exactly as she had done a few minutes prior! My friend came up and joined me about this time and I told her what had just happened. I could not tell which time I saw her was the time I was really seeing her. That was a very surreal experience.

Another time, just a short time following my first experience, again my friend and I are sitting at our table having lunch and my friend asks me, "Do you see a woman sitting on the grass over there eating a sandwich?" I looked in the direction she was indicating, and yes, there was a woman sitting in the sunshine, on the grass. She sat cross-legged, Indian style. My friend then asks me, "Does anything feel strange to you about her?" I said, "Well, aside from the fact it is like 92 degrees out here and she chooses to sit in the sun and not under a shade tree, there is also the fact that she looks like she dropped out of the 1960's." She was wearing a peasant top and a long flowing gauzy skirt and moccasins. Her hair was long, straight and parted in the middle.

This woman looked like she belonged in Haight Ashbury. It gets more odd because no one else around us, either the people walking on the sidewalk or the other persons sitting on the grass near us (in the shade) seem to have any awareness of this woman. My friend and I are commenting on that fact and in the split second that we took our eyes away from the woman to look at each other and say a few words when we looked back to the spot where she was seated but there was no one there. My friend and I both said at the same time, "What just happened?" There was no way in the second we turned to look at each other then turned back to her that she could have vanished. There was not enough

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