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Vision Of A Dream House


I have had so many happenings that are in the category of deja vu but I want to tell you about this one that happened in 1995. Let me also say I was so blown away by this one that I have never shaken it from my memory. It kind of falls into the premonition ring also. Let me tell you and then ya'll let me know your thoughts.

I had just sold my home and my daughter and I temporarily moved into a condo about one half mile away. I had the pattern of taking a nightly walk and after moving I needed to establish a new walking route. So, I took off one night. After about two blocks I decided that I wanted to find a quieter sub-division to walk in since the street in front of the condo complex was very high traffic. Coming up on my right was a small sub-division that I had never had any reason to go to before so I thought, yeah, this looks perfect and I made the decision to walk into the entrance.

Suddenly and without making any sense at all to me I get this "picture" in my head of this house. It is two story and is blue on the top level and bricked on the lower level. It also has a turret -and let me just say- there are not a lot of houses with turrets built in central Florida. I also see the house has a wrap around porch and there is a swing on the front porch, the kind that is hung from the ceiling. The porch has these wide steps up to it and there are pots of green ferns hanging between each porch post all the way around.

The next picture that comes in is of me getting out of a car in the driveway of this house and dashing through the pouring rain up a curved walkway that leads from the driveway up onto the front porch. Now, keep in mind I am walking while this "movie clip" plays in my head and after it stopped I thought, "well, that was weird - nice house - but kind of weird..." I just kept on walking and I had turned into the little sub-division. It turned out to be just a big horseshoe in there and on the left just as I came out of the bend in the horseshoe right before my eyes is "the house!" Everything right down to the swing on the porch and the curved path from the driveway up to the wide steps onto the porch. There were even ferns in hanging pots on the front porch. I was so dumbfounded that I stopped dead in my tracks and just stood there for a good four or five minutes and stared at the house. I even walked up and down the sidewalk looking at it from all angles. I could not believe my eyes. I would have stayed longer as I was just mesmerized by what had just happened, but I was afraid someone inside might see me and think I was strange.

In the vision I felt so at home in the house, it was a warm welcome feeling about the house. When I was standing in front of the house I "felt" as if I had been there before. I never walked past it again, it just didn't seem right. I felt like it was my house and someone else was living in it and I just didn't want to walk past it again.

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-02)
Mystery and Time - Very interesting. I had never thought about haunting a house that I was viewing. I often wonder about the house that I dream about though. It's really odd. Very clear and I ask questions. But it's so foggy that I don't ask the right ones to understand. This brings me to a question. I don't astral voyage a lot, but once was on one. There was a pair of sunglasses in the floor and people walking around. It worried me that someone would trip. When there was no one there, I wished they not trip anyone and watched as they slid across the floor against the wall. I'm not sure how it happened. I then thought that if anyone had seen it, they'd wonder if a ghost had done it. That thought bugs me.
mysterywriter (4 stories) (15 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-02)
TimeTraveler- Never thought about it that way. Makes some sense, I left Florida 2 months ago & will be gone for about a year-then moving back. I might go by the house again, I never did after that one time. Glenda has an interesting view as well-I might have flew around & saw it beforehand. There is one other tiny detail of the vision that I didn't put in my story-when I saw myself running through the rain from the car to the porch there was a man standing on the porch-like he was waiting for me. Have no clue who he is/was. And I could see through a window on the front of the house and I could look clean through the house and out of a window directly in line with it on the rear side of the house. I am getting a feeling about it again-just from talking about it here and now.
TimeTraveler (3 stories) (30 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-02)
I've heard of this before, If you ever get the courage to go back you may find that the house is haunted - by you.
I've seen this one other time in particular when a couple was looking for a new house, the wife had a picture of it in her head and kept describing it to her husband. When they finally found the house, the owner said, "I must admit that this house is haunted but I don't think you will have the problems that we have had..."
The wife asked why and the owner said, "Because, you are the one haunting this house..." They bought it.
I also have dreams of future houses I will own. In the dreams I try to get my wife of the future, who is my current wife, to give me the address along with other current info like the date and other big stuff happening in our life and around the world. She does but we have so many homes the numbers get fuzzy.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-01)
I called and put off my appointment which wasn't really one, meeting a friend. The house thing always fascinates me. My hub and I have transferred with his job a few times, and sometimes, it almost feels like the right house has been mine already. I see my stuff there, tho it hasn't been there yet. Last time it our grandmother clock. One house, I just saw it there and knew. We looked at a dozen after that, but that one ended up our house. This house it was the bedroom furniture, all of it. Once or twice, I felt sick to my stomach stepping into one for no reason, great houses. I'm not a picky person.

STALLING - thinking. I don't know about your experience. Perhaps you have been there, somehow, or somewhere like it, in a past life or in a dream or something. My feeling is that you might have journeyed there, scoping out your walk ahead of time. Since it's unusual, you may have gone inside and looked around. I'm not that learned on astral voyages, but it seems to make a little sense.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-01)
Dear Mysterywriter - I have to run - an appointment in a way but wrote about a house just now in "Shared Vision of the Mansion" and if you have any comments to help me or anyone understand, let me know. Sorry. Will read of your experience later with my comments. I apologize.

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