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Shared Vision Of The Mansion


This to me is really two visions because it works on several different levels or different dreams; that is to say that me and two of my friends all dreamt about the same thing we just saw different parts of it. It was like you could piece them all together to form the whole story. Which is what I am going to do.

In my 1st dream (I see things in my dream as I am sure a lot of you out there can do as well) I am running to school to fetch my friends so I can take them to a house. But not just a house; it was a mansion' our new mansion! It was an old style establishment (my friend Steph knows what that particular style of house is called) and we had acquired it in someway not disclosed to me, so I just knew we owned the house. It was 2 storeys (both Sophia and Steph saw the same thing), we had a large, large garden (Sophia and Steph saw that too), a dog (Which I saw the bed too but did not actually see, Sophia saw the dog).

An interesting feature of the house was that we had decorated our rooms in a unique colour each so it was like having a rainbow house (surprisingly both Steph and Sophia saw this too. I was sure that that would be one detail my brain threw in for kicks).

All of our rooms, there was probably 20 of us living in there, were along 1 or 2 corridors (I am not sure anymore), downstairs we had a cafe and bar (Sophia and Steph saw this, I think I saw a cafe like thing but no bar) and, funnily enough, a few aisle of groceries (Sophia and I saw this and we came to the conclusion that we threw that in our house as a joke. Which is something we would definitely do)

Now at this point Sophia's and my dream divert off from Steph as we see that we have some extra rooms, like a dorm, that we rent out to board Uni-Student or backpackers. In my (2nd) dream, which I had though was unrelated and so was quite surprised to learn this be apart of our lives, the Uni-Students throw a party that I am sure we encouraged them to do, but the party turns sour.

(This segment is an extract from my dream) There is a particular girl that my dream focuses on; a very pretty girl with long black hair she normally has tied up in a pony tail, she appears to have some skin colour leading me to think her with a Mexican or maybe Philipean descent (I am no good with picking race) I think she is around 20 years old, she is quite young. She gets drunk (as everyone did, I would like to point out I do not encourage drinking in the slightest) and is later raped by a young man at the party. He is tall with short black hair, appears to be Mexican (This I am sure of), very good looking. When I saw this person I was not sure who he was, I had a feeling no one had invited him but yet, there he was.

(Sophia and I chat about this dream and she tells me of her's which is the same more or less. I learn these things from her) Indeed this did happen, Sophia saw it too, and she tells me that he (unfortunately) kills the lady too. When this is found out we immediately dismiss our guests from the house after learning that the man who did this was gone. My friend Sam, who is living with us, is very worried about this turn of events and wonders what we are to do. (I will spare some details here) We decide to shut off the dorms to all for a year or two (I believe that is how long) and the news come by and the parent hear of her death and what not.

Sophia's dream extends this point but nothing actually happens so I shan't tell you about it. Steph's dreams were more concerned about the mansion part that we lived in. (I fear that I should stop calling it a mansion as it was just a very nice house) All these dream were had over at least 2 years. My dreams date back to just the 14th of May while Sophia informs me that her dream was back in 2007 (last year).

Well this story is just proof that psychics can see the same things. Even us youngsters (We are at the humble age of 16/17) which actually leads me to question why we saw this. For sure it must happen for why or how would we dream the same thing if it were not a vision? But what are we to do about it? I am sure by that time I will have long forgotten this event (although I sincerely hope that I could recall my child-hood day way into my adult life)

Well, I don't know how to end this. I suppose that if you have any questions you are absolutely free to ask them. If you have dreamt this same things I implore you to tell me as I would be glad to discuss this. And I sincerely hope that you are not one of the poor Uni-Students we throw out onto the street (Although I doubt you are one of them as I see that this web-community is heavily American populated whilst I am Australian) Bye everyone and have sweet dreams (I know I won't)

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-05)
I've spent a few hours, each time, wondering. It's a mystery to me. I've never felt stuck, just exhausted and wake up. It's not like an astral voyage, more a dream. But it has happened more than twice which makes me wonder. I don't like it. It makes me uncomfortable for some reason. Voyages feel peaceful unless I panic. The house feels a little creepy. Each time, it feels detailed and looks real to me which is odd and someone is telling me about it. No idea who it is and have never been curious because the house takes all my concentration. Maybe I'm missing something. I hope you figure it out and let me know.
mysterywriter (4 stories) (15 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-04)
GlendaSC- I also have had dreams of houses and I discover secret rooms that I never new existed in the houses. After I find the secret rooms then I can't find my way out and back to the rest of the house that I am familiar with. Maybe it is just a crazy mean nothing dream, I don't know.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-01)
Hi - thanks for writing! I loved Australia. Was there on my honeymoon (long ago) and wanted to stay forever. I'm writing because I use to dream about a house too. I still do every great once in awhile. It has a floor that is always odd to me in some way, creepy. And it's like I'm being led through it and told what each room is for, the study, the ice cream room, on and on. And it feels like I live there, and should know the house, but I don't. It's a puzzle to me. Well, I don't have any advice. Just thought I'd tell you about my house dream. There have been about 6, maybe 8, over the years and they are long dreams. It's the same house always, and I always dread when it starts. Not understanding it bugs me.

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